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Neopets was created on November 15, 1999. Therefore, this day is considered the Birthday of Neopets and is an annual celebration.


  • During the week before the birthday users can send their scores in games 5 times per day opposed to the normal 3. An exception was Neopets' 10th birthday with the amount of maximum times being 10, respectively.
  • Neopets' birthday is one of the two days when the birthday site theme is available, the other being the user's own birthday.
  • Neopets' 10th birthday had many other festivities than the regular ones. Other than sending scores 10 times, users could come back each day for a random daily prize. After the celebration, users could answer trivia to win a prize.


  • An avatar could be retrieved by collecting the prize on exactly Neopets' 10th birthday, along with a background. The avatar was only retrievable for one day.
  • During the Anniversary of Neopets, pets limited (Hissi, Poogle, Draik, Krawk, Tonu among others) are available in creation of neopets.

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