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In 2009, Jacob stood down as Editor-in-Chief of the NeoDex. It was a decision that set the tweet-o-sphere a-twitter, set talk shows speculating, and set journalists rooting through dustbins looking for signs of an expenses scandal cover-up.

But what really happened? What is the story behind the man who captained the Good Ship NeoDex from the pond of redlinks to the sea of knowledge? What are his plans for the future?

In this open letter, Jacob breaks a two year vow of silence and tells all. You'd have to be mad to miss it.

We all take the NeoDex and its systems for granted, but what is the NeoDex and how did it, six years ago today, come to be founded? Macbeth has been trawling through the archives and interviewing the people who know the people who know the people who know.

The Neodexian Times is proud to present the portrait of a man and a myth, in...

The Tale of the NeoDex

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