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Over the course of Neopets' history, some Neopets have received updates to their designs and even complete overhauls since their debut.

Pre-Customization Updates[edit]


The Tigren...
...and the Acara!
The Acara originated as a Neopet called the "Tigren". On July 19, 2000, the Acara then gained its current name, and a design that (vaguely) resembled its current design.


The original Aisha sported a cat like appearance - perhaps moreso then its current design. The next revision updated it to include a smile, more curved eyes, and an overall more "rounded" and polished appearance.


The first revision of the Bluamroo was fairly minor, cleaning up the linework - most noticeable around the base of the nose, and also in the placement of its left eye - and replacing the gradients with more solid shading.


The initial Bruce had just a subtle difference from today's incarnation: it was initially a cropped photo of television personality Bruce Forsyth from the torso up. The next revision replaced his appearance with a drawn caricature of Forsyth instead.

The next, more finalized revision of the Bruce changed it to something considerably more Neopet-themed, and was turned into a penguin. Its last pre-customization update significantly reduced its build, made the bow much larger, and increased the size of its eyes.


The Buzz started out as a Neopet called the "Fleye", which was fittingly a giant, flying eyeball with wings and heart-shaped antennae.

It was eventually revised to a considerably more familiar design. The next revision straightened its pose and gave it a slightly lighter coloring.


The initial Chia, being a pet with a simple design - was considerably similar to the Chia of today. The only differences distinguishing the former design apart from its current are the use of gradients, a simple body shape, and a different pose that looks directly at the viewers.


The redesign of the Cybunny seems to have moderately reduced its torso build (or at least, increased the size of the mane to make its body look thinner), make alterations to its face, and added a small amount of hair in front of its ears. The mane design had its spot outlines removed and more pastel-like colors.


The redesign of the Elephante gave it its sitting pose, added its hat, resized the eyes and added orange pupils, and significantly adjusted the coloring. Interestingly for a design that was still early in the site's lifespan, the redesign of the Elephante would remain its current design for a while until the 2007 customization update.


The original Eyrie was first named the "Tatsu", followed by "Cerpull". The Tatsu/Cerpull featured a more sinister, dragon-like appearance. The subsequent design removed the yellow coloring on the wings and back, removed the red fingertips and back scales, ditched its horns in favor for ears and a orange, bird-like beak.


The original Gelert was named the "Polypup", and had a considerably different build with a rounder body, less defined nose, and rounder eyes.


The original JubJub was known as the "JibJib", which was changed to perhaps avoid confusion with the identically-titled company. The following redesign was relatively minor, very subtly improving the shading (particularly on the mane) and adjusted its pose, where it now stands on both feet. The next design bestowed it with larger, shinier eyes, differently-colored eyebrows, and slightly wider, darker feet.

The JubJub then had a more drastic reimagining which gave it a standing pose, a larger forehead, a slightly less tealish fur coloring, and pupil dark eyes with more spacing.


The original name was the "Badeek", and it had a black eyemask. The next Kacheek was given a defined body, lighter coloring, and a small amount of hair. After that, the linework was made thicker, shines were added to the eyes, and the shading was slightly adjusted.


The Kau was originally an entirely different Neopet known as the "Macy Gray". It - or rather, she - was a caricature of the singer of the same name, surrounded by music notes and equipped with a ray gun.

The redesigned Kau gave it its familiar design.


The original Koi was significantly thicker and darker colored. The next Koi streamlined its appearance, keeping its overall features but with heavily redesigned proportions and details.

The next Koi gave it larger pupils, different scales, and a more detailed skin coloring. This redesign is perhaps significant for being the only drastic redesign that did not occur in the first couple years of the site.


The Quiggle was initially known as the "Frogstomp", and had a very simple body design, crossed eyes, and a light blue coloring. The next Quiggle gave significant spacing between the eyes, a more amiable face (complete with a large mouth and eyes that were actually focused), and red stripes. The next design, while keeping the Quiggle's overall pose, improved the shading and linework.


The first Usul had blue coloring and red features. The next revision gave it larger pupils and a more amiable facial expression. The coloring of its fur was changed to be tan for each of the basic colors.

2007 Customization Update[edit]

In one of the largest updates to Neopet designs - and indeed, perhaps the entire website in general - was introduced in April 2007. Neopets were completely redrawn and were given the ability to wear clothing and stand in front of backgrounds. As a result of this:

  • Neopets now stand in a standardized pose, with their left hand slightly outstretched to enable them to hold objects. Neopets that once faced to their right now face the opposite direction.
  • The different poses are now much less varied, now being limited to facial expressions slightly changing based on their current emotion.
  • Neopets now appear sad when they are at least "very hungry". (To-do: Find out whether or not this was always the case, because my memory is bad right now.)
  • Male and female Neopets now have slight variations to distinguish each other.

Post-Customization Updates[edit]

Transparent Peophin[edit]

Transparentpeophin comparison.png
The initial version of the Transparent Peophin was released on July 25, 2015.

After some...less-than-positive feedback on the design from users, it was redrawn about a month later, giving it much smoother shading, adding bodily features, and adjusting its overall skeletal structure.

Woodland and Eventide Kikos[edit]

The Woodland and the Eventide Kikos were initially lacking their bandage, with the latter also missing its hair. The two were eventually fixed around the same time that the Transparent Peophin was redrawn.

Gold Kau[edit]

The original Gold Kau originally sported a peculiar hoof design (likened by users to resembling clogs), which was eventually fixed at about the same time as the Transparent Peophin was revised.

Ice and Custard Buzzes[edit]

"Hey, my eyesight suddenly got better! ...Oh, nevermind.

The original Ice and Custard Buzz, released on January 12, 2016, originally had pupil eyes rather than the standard, flatly-colored insect eyes of the Buzz. (This was speculated by users to have been the result of an artist misinterpreting the design of the eye reflection.) This was fixed by the time the Buzzes arrived at the Rainbow Pool at around January 26.