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Species:   Buzz
Location:   Jungle Ruins, Tower level 5

Korabric is a Red Buzz, a non-player character from the game Neoquest. He was once the leader of the Jungle Ruins researchers. The player finds him at the top of the Jungle Ruins tower once they have gotten the keys from Kreai, Gors the Mighty, and Rollay Scaleback.

He explains that he and his fellow researchers had brought the pygmies there to study, but they had turned violent. Rollay was one of the researchers, but turned mad and started helping the pygmies, and created hundreds of monsters that took over the facility. Korabric sealed himself in the tower behind three magically locked doors to hide from him, and put himself in a magical sleep for a thousand years. With the defeat of Kreai, Gors, and Rollay, Korabric decides to fight his way to Pomanna and help her escape.

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