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Kauvara, Magic Shopkeeper

Kauvara is a Starry Kau and the owner of the Magic Shop in Neopia Central. She is a skillful potions master and is credited with inventing several original magical potions. Kauvara has a younger sister named Allita who sometimes helps her pick berries for her potions. She is also greatly admired by fellow potion-maker Kayla.

During her youth, Kauvara wanted to me a magician like her uncle Klum. She even went so far as to travel to Faerieland to study under a Light Faerie. Kauvara's dream was sidetracked, however, when the previous owner of the Magic Shop mysteriously disappeared. Because the Magic Shop had been in Kauvara's family for generations, Kauvara was asked by her father to return to Neopia Central to watch over the store. Eventually, Kauvara completely took over the shop, and she has been there ever since.

Kauvara has played a minor role in several Neopets plots. During the Tyrannian Invasion, she halved the price of all the healing potions in her store, and she also donated many potions to the Money Tree. When Brucey B lost his lucky coin, Kauvara advised him to seek the wisdom of the Brain Tree. Lastly, when the citizens of Neopia wrote to Dr. Sloth regarding Neopet Version 2, Sloth's response was delivered to Kauvara.


Portrait 34.png
Difficulty: 70Easy · 105Medium · 140Hard Starting HP: 71Easy · 107Medium · 142Hard
Arena: Central Arena Released: November 7, 2001
Status: Active Challenger ID: 34
Found by: View her Neopedia article.

Basic Healing Negg
Forest Sling
H4000 Helmet
Improved Lightning Beam
Kauvara Attack Book
Kauvara Magic Wand
Kauvara Spell Scroll
Supersize Gargantuplex

Lens Flare.png
Lens Flare
Positive Thinking.png
Positive Thinking
Static Cling.png
Static Cling

Better Than You[edit]

Kauvara has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: December 13, 2007 Oh dear! Please hurry, there's quite a few Kadoaties stuck up a tree outside my shop. I've been working with the Warf Rescue Team to help get them out, but I must return to my shop. If you help out considerably, I'll give you this potion.
Game: Warf Rescue Team
Score: 900
Prize: Illusen Day Elixir

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