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Jerdana (also known as The Protector from her constellation in the sky) is a Blue Aisha and one of the 12 heroes of Altador, and apparently their second-in-command. She is a powerful sorceress who demonstrated her power by suspending the city of Altador in slow time for 1,000 years. Her amulet was used to trap The Darkest Faerie in stone.

Plot summaries[edit]

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie[edit]

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As one of the first tasks in Act 2, Jerdana is shown as an old Aisha and asks Roberta to get her Harris out of the tree. As a reward, she gives to Roberta a magical amulet. Later captured by The Darkest Faerie, Roberta comes to free Jerdana and is told to escape and find the amulet's "twin". (Kelland and her must have had some sort of close relationship if they both carried an amulet.)

Altador Plot[edit]

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On May 13, 2006, a new link to the Altador Water Distribution Plant was added to the Altador map. Since the Plant is not available for public tours at the moment go to the rock quarry and click on the path at back between the trees. This will lead you outside of the city walls where you can click the faint outline of a door at the lower right corner of the wall. This leads to a secret room where a large spectral Minitheus is guarding a necklace. Since a force field prevents you from getting near the pedestal, go visit Farmer Follies again and then head back to the Water Plant. Help the engineers to stop it going berserk by playing around with the switches and valves dispersed among three rooms until the problem is fixed. Go to the farm again then back to the Minitheus using the same route as before. This time however, you are able to click the necklace. Doing this will reveal the next constellation so head up to the Observatory to find The Protector. Once located, return to the Archivist's office where Finneus reveals that all of the gems above the Heroes' statues had stopped glowing when the necklace was removed. At this time Jerdana's chapter is added to the Book of Ages and the Library in the Achives is open again. Wander around the rooms until you stumble upon an abyss then head back to the Hall of Heroes. Click on each of the statues' necks to hang the necklace around them.

Book of Ages - Chapter 11, The Protector[edit]

Jerdana's Book of Ages portrait
Our noble lady Jerdana, who protects the city from harm, has always held a special place in our hearts. She is a benevolent sorceress who commands great respect for her deeds.

Before joining the Council of Twelve, Jerdana was a wanderer. She called no place home for very long and relied on the kindness of those she aided for food and shelter. The Aisha was searching for something, but even she was not sure what it was that she sought.

One evening, Jerdana came across a Lupe hunter sitting by a campfire. Before she could even ask, he welcomed her to sit by the fire and share his food. Jerdana smiled and accepted the kind Lupe's offer.

Jerdana BOA Image01.gif

They sat and spoke for a time, and she listened to his dream of one day founding a glorious and noble city. They were so focused on their discussion that they were nearly caught unawares when a pack of snarling Werelupes formed a circle around them. The Lupe, spotting movement beyond the fire's glow, jumped up and drew his weapon just as one of them rushed in to attack.

Jerdana, knowing they were vastly outnumbered, threw up her arms. A shield of light instantly fell over her and the Lupe. Though the Werelupes scratched and raged at the barrier, they were unable to pass it and finally loped off into the night.

Amazed, the Lupe turned to Jerdana. "Your power astounds me!" The Aisha blushed, for she thought herself humble. "With your powers of protection, my just leadership, and the help of other strong hearts, we could make a city of legends."

Jerdana BOA Image02.gif

Jerdana smiled. "For years I have sought my true calling, and tonight I think I have found it. I will follow you, noble Lupe, although I don't yet know your name."

"My apologies, fair lady. Please, call me Altador."


  • As of January 2011, Jerdana is featured in 7 different items.
  • In the Neopets TCG, Jerdana is affiliated with the element of Light.

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