Gali Yoj

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Gali Yoj
Gali Yoj.gif
Species:   Pteri
Location:   Sunny City

Gali Yoj is a non-player character in the game NeoQuest. She is a yellow Pteri, wizard, and the keeper of lore in Sunny City. She knows much of the surrounding area, and unlike her former pupil Eleus Batrin, is knowledgeable of Kayannin script. She also theorises, correctly, the source of the monsters plaguing Neopia.

Plot summary[edit]


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Gali Yoj resides in Sunny City, a town in the Techo Mountains above the clouds. The hero can only reach it through the Techo Caves, which are the only means of traversing the mountain range. He is rewarded for his detour not only by the considerable information Gali can offer on the terrain in the south of the continent, but also information on the Mountain Fortress, the source of the most powerful weapons and armour in the game, and on the history of Kal Panning.

She believes that the source of the monsters infesting the world lies inside Two Rings, and implores the hero to travel there and destroy what power it is that is escaping the valley.

She is able to read the writing of Rollay Scaleback's amulet and identifies it as the Keladrian Medallion. What is more, she is able to polish it back up to its normal radiance and power. She explains that if it is taken to Faleinn, the undead leader of the cursed city of Kal Panning, Faleinn may be able to help the hero access Two Rings.

The Keladrian Medallion greatly simplifies the battle against Faleinn as it will immediately defeat her, however Faleinn may also be defeated without it in a standard fight.

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