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The Evil Sloth Clone is a robot replication of Dr. Sloth.

Plot Summary[edit]

Defenders of Neopia Series 1[edit]

Main Article: Defenders of Neopia

All over Neopia, attacks by Evil Sloth Clones on innocent Neopians have been reported. It is your task to assist the Defenders against the invading army.


Portrait 14.png
Evil Sloth Clone
Difficulty: 85Easy · 170Medium · 340Hard Starting HP: 100Easy · 200Medium · 400Hard
Arena: Neocola Centre Released: November 21, 2003
Status: Active Challenger ID: 14
Found by: Visiting Kreludor.

Weapons Used (In Order Stolen)
H4000 Helmet Defence: 100% BE Stat Freeze.gif
Levatato Ray Attack: 1 BE Stat Air Attack.gif 2 BE Stat Physical Attack.gif
Giant Goo Blaster Attack: 2 BE Stat Water Attack.gif 1 BE Stat Physical Attack.gif
Stone Snowball Attack: 6 BE Stat Earth Attack.gif 1 - 6 BE Stat Physical Attack.gif
Wand Of Flamebolt Attack: 4 BE Stat Fire Attack.gif 1 - 2 BE Stat Physical Attack.gif Defence: All BE Stat Fire Defence.gif
Supersize Gargantuplex Attack: 3 BE Stat Physical Attack.gif Defence: 3 BE Stat Physical Defence.gif
Rainbow Scorchstone Defence: 80 BE Stat Heal.gif
Tri-scimitar Attack: 1 - 3 BE Stat Physical Attack.gif


  • Users participating in the Defenders of Neopia game will receive the following trophy after defeating Evil Sloth Clone from Headquarters. This trophy replaces the previous trophy earned by defeating the Giant Ghostkerchief.

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