Game Guides

Jungle Jumble Solutions

1 word:

2 words:
Elephants Trunk
Flower Pedals
Gorillas Chest
Lions Den
Lizards Scales
Monkey’s Chest
Monkey’s Tale
Play on words
Rhinos Horn
Silly Rabbit
Tree Bark

3 words:
Hide and Seek
Monkeys like coconuts
The monkey is hungry

4 words:
A monkey and a lion
Dont feed the elephant!
Find the hidden Trix
Living in the Jungle
Running in the Jungle
Solve the Jungle Jumble
The monkey is hungry
The rabbit is hiding
Trix are for kids

5 words:
Dinner time for the money

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Neopets Adoptables

Jetsam Adoptables Set 1

Looking for some free Neopets adoptables to spruce up your website, pet page, guild layout, shop layout, user lookup or whatever else you may have? Of course you are.

Contained here are some free-to-use adoptables. Download and use at will. Enjoy.

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Game Cheats

Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway Cheats

Gain a life

Type in lookoutbruno to gain a life.

Toggle between game views

Type in monstermovie to toggle between game views. – Grace Nicholas

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Game Guides

Meerca Chase II Guide by Anonymous

Meerca Chase II is, in my opinion, one of the most lucrative games on Neopets. I always play on Hard in the Classic Mode and average 400-450np a game, but it is very easy to get higher scores- with practice! The Maze and Freestyle modes were added to spice things up and to replace the secret levels that the original Meerca Chase enjoyed. Although they are fun and help you work on essential skills, they are too difficult for serious earning.

When you have chosen your mode and difficulty, you can choose your background colour. I personally stick with the grey, both because it was in the original and because it’s easiest on the eyes. Different colours make different Neggs stand out; experiment to see which is best for you.

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Money Tree Tips


Do you have an interesting story or realization from playing Neopets? Send in your own memoir to be added to our own stories. Send all entries to

Nalanatinadala’s Memoirs

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