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Felix puma av.png
Species: Probably human
Name: Mark
Job: Editor

Hi, I'm Puma. My real name is Mark. I'm presently a self-proclaimed editor here at Neodex (Meaning I asked for an account and gave myself such a title).

I'm very much into web design, as well as other oddities like Marine Biology and pilot school and stuff. ;)


Long ago, I asked for an account. Then it happened.

I like for things to be fun, diverse, and creative. Always try to do what's never been done before!

Working on:[edit]

  • Acquiring needed permissions to edit "insides" of wiki:
    • Wiki currently violates Copyright laws (Licensing tags for Media is long overdue)
    • Manage extensions & such (Needed to get fansite support working)
    • Being able to properly announce an "upcoming" 'thing' (Also need to edit announcement board)

Something's going to happen! Just be patient.

Present goal:

  • Re-write Faerie articles and templates (In progress)


  • N/A

What else?[edit]

I love Felix the Cat, Sonic the Hedgehog and all that stuff.

Various teams I've supported, or still support:

I'd like to see Neodex move into a bright future, there's potential for so much more! (And then there's the fact that you're not allowed to say "Neodex", or link to images from it on Hmm...)

Favourite Quote[edit]

Finally, something to do with this last section:

"We make widgets. Millions and Millions of widgets. LOL."


Don't judge~