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To link to various sections of Neopets.com with ease.


Use varies by section linked to:

Special Type[edit]

The following utilize special icons:


For linking to Neopedia entries:

  • {{LinkNeo|type=neopedia|neopedia=1|title=Aisha Thieves}}
    Result: Neopedia_icon.png Aisha Thieves
  • title
    • Article's Name - Should match that of the article, though it can be shortened if needed.


For linking to specific editorials in the Neopian Times:

  • {{LinkNeo|type=editorial|editorial=523|title=Editorial #523}}
    Result: Editorial_icon.png Editorial #523
  • title
    • The title - Should be Editorial #NumberHere


For linking to specific NeoDeck entries:

  • title
    • The NeoDeck entry's title.


For linking to specific TCG entries:

  • title
    • The TCG's title - Should match the one printed on the card unless otherwise needed.

Normal Icons[edit]

The following use only standard icons:

Main Shops[edit]

For linking to main Shops in any world:

  • title
    • Shop's name - Should match the title of the shop seen onsite.


For linking to board sections in the Neoboards:

  • title
    • Name of board section. For example, if it's known as Role Playing, then you enter Role Playing in this field.

Gallery of Heroes[edit]

For linking to Gallery of Heroes entries:

  • title
    • Entry's title. Should match name onsite (Eg 'Soup Faerie', 'Hanso').

Gallery of Evil[edit]

For linking to Gallery of Evil entries:

  • title
    • Entry's title. Should match name onsite (Eg, 'Lord Kass', 'Xandra'.

Games Room[edit]

For linking to specific games within the Games Room:

  • title
  • The game's title. Should match onsite name.


For linking elsewhere onsite:

  • {{LinkNeo|other=community/index.phtml|title=Community Hub}}
    Result: Neo_favicon.png Community Hub
  • title
    • The page's title. Should match onsite title, but can say anything else if appropriate.