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Screenshot of the Neopets portal taken in January 2006.

Neopets Premium is a feature that was added in 2004. It includes many different features, including the BOSS button, beta testing, a Space Faerie Scratchcard, and more.


Neopets Premium is an extended version of the site, for which members pay $7.99 a month, or $69.95 a year. There are also different packs that include Premium such as dial-up service. With this Premium membership, external ads are completely erased, and certain "perks" are added, such as bonus Neopoints, rare items, NeoBoard available to premium users only, webmail, a "hide Last-spotted-status"-option, more Random Events, use of the Super Shop Wizard and testing unreleased games. Some groups voice the opinion that the Neopets staff members are transferring some free features to Premium. Another Charter Board can also be accessed once you have been a Premium user for 3 Months.

To obtain Premium status, a player must first be invited by another Premium member through the Premium referral system or take a beta testing position Neopets offers for limited times. There are even prizes (an Avatar, Sidebar, and Trophy) for referring people to Premium who have remained after their 15 day trial has expired.

Referral System[edit]

The Premium referral system is similar to the Neopets referral program and is one of the ways users gain access to Premium. Existing Premium users send out invites, and if the person stays on after the 15 day free trial, the user will be rewarded:

  • 1st referral: 1000 NP and 10 random Codestones
  • 2nd referral: A lucky charm that appears as a trophy on the Users Lookup and will randomly double the Neopoints you earn from Flash games. The charm lasts as long as you have Premium
  • 3rd referral: Your choice of a Snow, Electric, Starry or Disco Paint Brush
  • 4th referral: A Premium-only avatar, listed among a users default avatars and does not count on the High-Score Table. Lasts as long as the user stays Premium.
  • 5th referral: A unique Space Faerie-themed sidebar. Users keep this sidebar even if they decide to cancel Premium.
  • 10th referral: Choose One of 5 collector's packages
  • 15th referral: Choose One of 6 collector's packages
  • 20th referral: Choose One of 7 collector's packages


Some people complain that Premium has created a two-tier system, and is causing a slippery-slope situation where more and more features are generally relegated to the Premium side, slowly turing the whole site into a paysite.

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