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This is an archive of the news posted on the PinkPT home page relating to the Neodex, and later just the Neodex main page, from April 2009 onwards.

24 November 2015

Gmc fire vs snow.png

Game On!
After a long absence, AAA has finally returned, and he brought us a new Games Master Challenge! This year, you can choose to game for either Team Fire, led by a Fire Faerie, or Team Snow, led by Taelia! Do you have the gaming chops to complete your team's challenges and collect awesome prizes? Find out by signing up here. We here at the Neodex wish you good luck and great gaming!

28 May 2015


The Cup Half Full
The Altador Cup is now in its tenth year! Eighteen teams from all over Neopia have once again gathered at the Colosseum to fight in the battle that is sports! Choose a team and help support them by playing Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise, and Shootout Showdown! You might even earn some cool prizes along the way!

28 March 2015


Walking on Negg-shells
The Festival of Neggs has returned to Neopia! Strangely though, Neopia's greatest Negg-enthusiast, Kari the Negg Faerie, is nowhere to be found! In her place, a Pink Cybunny named Topsi has stepped up to lead the festival. Can you find Topsi and his spiffy overalls each day? If so, you may be rewarded with some neat spring-themed prizes!

15 January 2015?


Sever Downtime
Anyone browsing the site recently will have run into some pretty serious lag issues.

TNT say they have identified the issues and will be doing another re-juggling of the servers, starting at 9 PM NST on 15 January and concluding at 9 AM NST on 16 January (5 AM 16/1 - 5 PM 16/1 UTC). Neopets will be down during this time.

1 December 2014

The Advent Calendar

In the bleak mid-winter...
All over Neopia, stockings are being hung, presents are being wrapped, and the chestnuts are looking nervous. It is Christmas time again.

While we at Neodex HQ are throwing another log-book on the fire, you can visit the Advent Calendar to receive a free gift every day in December. Check out what gifts you've received so far!

25 November 2014


With half of the United States buried under record snowfall, now seems like the perfect time to stay inside, keep safe and warm, and play the 2014 Games Master Challenge! This year's challenge is now live, so head on over to the Neopets website, submit some scores, and earn some exclusive prizes!

This year, there are no teams. Instead, AAA will be issuing two challenges each day of the event. It looks like there will be a special prize for completing each challenge on the day it is released, so remember to check in with AAA everyday! Discuss GMC '14 at the PinkPT Forums!

15 November 2014


New Neopet
While celebrating Neopets' fifteenth birthday, TNT have discovered a new species of Neopet. The Vandagyre is the 55th Neopet species, and the first Neopet to be released in six years.

This week has been full of surprises to celebrate the site's birthday, including new avatars and site themes, and some sorely appreciate new features/bug fixes. Discuss the birthday updates over at the PinkPT forums!

9 September 2014

The Habitarium

RIP Habitarium, Petpet Park
In order to transition to their new, JumpStart owned hardware, TNT will be taking the site down for maintenance for an estimated two days, either this week or next week. Although most of the site will come back online unaffected, the Habitarium and Petpet Park will not be returning.

Discuss the downtime and the end of the Habitarium at the PinkPT forums!

8 August 2014


Desert Diplomat
Princess Amira is in a bit of a tight spot! On August 7th, Amira invited rulers from all over Neopia to her palace in Sakhmet to talk politics. Unfortunately for our favorite Aisha Princess, a band of devious thieves have infiltrated the palace and stolen an important item from each dignitary. It looks like a little Desert Diplomacy will be needed to prevent an international incident!

9 July 2014


What Adam & Donna Did Next
Neopets co-founders Adam and Donna Powell, along with fellow Neopets veteran Ollie, have announced their latest project - a Unity pet game, currently under development. Find out more at the Moglings subreddit.

4 June 2014

Trophy 104.gif

Road to the Altador Cup
Attention all Altador Cup fans! Altador Cup IX is now underway at the Colosseum! Pick your favorite team, and then get Yooyuballing, slushie slinging, noise making, and showdown shooting. Lead your team to victory, and you might even earn a few nifty prizes along the way! And if you have any time between bouts of furious gaming, why not pop over to the Neodex and help update our Altador Cup pages?

26 May 2014


Donna & Adam AMA

Donna, alias Poptart, and Adam, alias borovan, co-founders of Neopets, have just been answering the Neopets subreddit's questions about their time with the site over at Reddit.

15 April 2014

Red Plastic Negg.png

A Negg-plosion of Negg-citement!

Kari has returned once again with another Festival of Neggs! Negg-lovers all across Neopia will once again be scouring the lands for colorful plastic Neggs in the hopes of redeeming said Neggs for fantastic spring-themed prizes! To join in on the Negg-hunting, visit the Neo_favicon.png Festival of Neggs today!

20 March 2014


Now you're thinking with portals!

Static messages? Portals? Mysterious workshops? Robotic Petpets in fashionable hats? Just what is going on in Moltara? Join us as we uncover the truth with our coverage of this thus far unnamed event!

5 March 2014



Gadsgadsbogen! Literally translating to good good day, it's a time for celebration, dancing, and fruit. Every year, throughout the 'Month of Running', restockers and Mystery Islanders alike celebrate the coming of new fruit to the island.

Here on Neodex, we're seeing some new fruit too; the fruit of effort. Starting this month, we're introducing a Projects page. Here, we'll keep you updated on current happenings, events, and efforts on NeoDex. We'll say something "big" is going to happen soon, but until then, don't be surprised if you see a few Wockies around. And with that, we wish you a good good day. wocky.gif

9 January 2014


The month after the year before.

It's a brand new year, the time for writing "2013" and then immediately scribbling it out, for making the regular empty promise to eat less chocolate, and for the mad panic to get in shape after over-indulging at Christmas and New Year's.

Nevertheless, best wishes for 2014 and your New Year's resolutions: I hope this year brings you the joy and happiness you richly deserve.

1 Decemeber 2013


Baby, it's cold outside.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am afraid there is simply no way to put this off any longer: Christmas is coming.

While we huddle for warmth like Darblats in the subzero temperatures of Neodex HQ, we can at least keep ourselves entertained with the Advent Calendar, which returns every day for the month of December, and the Snowager, who is in hibernation this month.

14 November 2013


Neopets turns 14

The 15th November this year marks the site's 14th birthday. As well as being able to send five scores per game per day until Sunday, you can get a free goodie bag from the NC Mall and use the code Y15BIRTHDAY for a discount.

Many happy returns, Neopets, and here's to the next 14.

2 March 2013


The Gelerts of War

The War for the Obelisk is upon us! Six factions from across Neopia are furiously fighting to gain control of a mysterious obelisk that was unearthed in Tyrannia! If you're ready to join the fray, then head on over to the obelisk, pick a side, and prepare to fight in the Battledome!

1 December 2012


An Advent Carol

Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way!
This month the Advent Calendar
gives prizes every day!

17 October 2012

"I'll be back...!"

Battledome Retires

The Battledome closed today after being a staple of Neopets life for almost twelve years. It's not all bad news though, TNT have promised a new version before New Year's, but no date as of yet.

Has the BD been in dire need of a redo, or is this just another kick in the nostalgia? I'm keeping an open mind, and if you're eager to see what the new Battledome will be like, why not apply for the closed beta?

17 August 2012

Something Has Happened!

Click me!

A piece of cake suddenly falls out of the sky and lands in your lap! What does it mean?

11 August 2012

Aaand... We're back.


If you can read this, that means the Neodex is back up after a week's worth of server troubles. I guess we were tempting fate by having the Down For Maintenance Pteri as our featured article!

Sorry for the outage, gang!

15 May 2012

Altador Cup Returns

The Altador Cup returns.

Altador's Colosseum has thrown open its arches again to host the Altador Cup once more.

Team sign-ups are just days away, and to whet your appetite TNT is releasing the latest gossip on the competitors day by day. Check out our coverage at Altador Cup VII or hop down to the Colosseum yourself to check it out.

2 April 2012

Build Up Your Nest Negg!


The days are growing longer, flowers are blooming, and spring is in the air. You know what that means, right? It's time for the Festival of Neggs!

Kari is once again hosting a celebration of all thing Negg-tastic. Be sure to swing by her booth for some springtime fun and adventure. Who knows, there might even be a few Negg themed prizes along the way!

PS - Missed our April Fools joke? Read it here!

1 April 2012

Mi com 3d.png


We here at the Neodex are pleased to announce we have secured an exclusive interview with TNT coding boffin and notorious recluse Mr. Insane. He tells us all about the next big project for the site: Curse of Maraqua, re-released in 3D! You heard it here first.

Check out the interview here!

31 March 2012

Build Up Your Nest Negg!


The days are growing longer, flowers are blooming, and spring is in the air. You know what that means, right? It's time for the Festival of Neggs!

Kari is once again hosting a celebration of all thing Negg-tastic. Be sure to swing by her booth for some springtime fun and adventure. Who knows, there might even be a few Negg themed prizes along the way!

12 February 2012


Happy Valentine's Day!

St Valentine's Day is on us again, I hope you have a good time making someone's day very special indeed. I meanwhile will be scoffing my way through heart-shaped chocolates by the heart-shaped kilo, crying and rocking silently back and forth to myself in the darkness.

Erm, so, yeah. Happy valentine's everybody.

-- Your Secret Admirer

1 January 2012


Happy New Year!

Enjoy two free months of writing '2011', then immediately scribbling it out and writing '2012' instead.

1 December 2011


It's Advent Time!

Young ones and old ones, please be of good cheer!
The Advent Calendar is back for this year!
Collect Christmas treasures just once every day.
Our guide for this year will show you the way!

5 November, 2011

Remember Remember

Tyrannian bonfire worn.png

Today's Bonfire Night in the UK, so the Neodex office is going to be spending the evening scoffing jacket potatoes and watching the fireworks.

Safety first, folks: if you're going to be celebrating Bonfire night, wrap up warm and don't hold your sparkler by the business end.

17 August, 2011

Something has Happened!

You find an enormous, golden number six on this page. What does it mean?

9 August, 2011

Krawk Island Reborn!


Krawk Island is back with a spiffy new look! If you were one of the scurvy dogs that helped Gavril McGill put the island back together, you can now claim your loot at the Governor's Mansion. And while you are there, be sure to check out Krawk Island's new daily, Anchor Management! Use your cannon to defend the anchors from the monstrous Krawken and earn a prize!

2 August 2011

After some tragic server troubles, our friends at the In-Depth Battlepedia have been forced close their site. Though they are currently looking for a new home for their database, at this point, things are still in the discussion phase. You can read the how and the why in Finalhit's own words.

On behalf of the Neodex, I would like to thank the IDB for their years of service to the greater Neopets fandom. Your site was truly amazing, and it will be missed very much.

P.S.: That whole Disappearance of Krawk Island thing is still going on. Make sure to participate for mad loot.

23 July 2011


MISSING: Krawk Island
It looks like the desert is no longer the only land in Neopia that is "lost". Late yesterday, Krawk Island mysteriously vanished! All that is left of the former pirate haven is a Solitary Shanty! Can you help Gavril McGill find Krawk Island before it is too late?

27 May 2011



Altador Cup VI is upon us! All Yooyuballers, Slushie Slingers, Noise Makers, and Showdown Shooters should head on over to the Altador Cup main page, sign up for their favorite team, and get playing! And while you're in the Altador Cup spirit, feel free to help us over here at the Neodex in our quest to update all of the player and team articles for 2011!

2 May 2011

On the Origin of Species
We've finally finished updating all the articles on the Neopet Species.

They've now all got Battledome sections and are featuring a brand new template with 25% more snazziness for your buck. Go take a look. Go on, you know you want to.

WARNING: Too much snazziness can lead to dapperism and stylishnosity. Consume chic responsibly.

7 April 2011

Negg on your face...


Spring is in the air and to celebrate, Kari is once again hosting the Festival of Neggs! Be sure to swing by the her booth for your chance to complete some quests and earn some Neggy prizes!

Relatedly, the Neodex needs your help to write an article for the Festival of Neggs! If you're interested, head on over to Festival of Neggs and get editing!

2 March 2011

I Double Dog Dare You!


Game lovers rejoice! The Daily Dare is back with brand new challenges and brand new prizes! To get in on the action, head on over to the Daily Dare main page and try to beat either AAA's or Abigail's high score! Also, if you have some extra Neocash lying around, you can visit Lulu to complete the NC Challenge!

8 February 2011

The Return of the Faerie Quest!


Faerie Quests are back with a brand new look and a brand new faerie! To celebrate, TNT is holding a Faerie Quest event between now and February 24! Visit the Faerie Quest main page everyday to try your hand out at a daily quest, and be sure to pick your daily faerie themed prize while you're at it! If you visit every day, Queen Fyora will give you a special prize when the event is over, so get to questing!

26 January 2011



The best kind of prize is a surprise, and to that end, TNT have unveiled the prize shop and epilogue for The Faeries' Ruin one day ahead of schedule!

There are even more prizes to come, though - the Neopies aren't over yet! You can vote daily and win a prize - and when the award season's over, you might get a special prize if you voted every day. Don't miss out!

11 January 2011

And the Neopie goes to...

The third annual Neopies are going on now! Vote for the best and worst of 2010 and earn some great prizes along the way! This year there is a special prize for voting everyday, so don't miss out!

2 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne?

25 December 2010

Merry Crimbo

Whether you are flopped out on the sofa feeling like a bag of wet cement or trying to find where you left your game boy amongst all that wrapping paper, I hope you've had a merry Christmas and a good haul of presents this year! I've been busy tidying up the Neodex's office after our Christmas party: it rather looks like someone was sitting on the photocopier...

Back in Neopia - Xandra's been defeated and the Faeries are free, and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, go check our article on The Faerie's Ruin. Still an epilogue to come, folks! Meanwhile, you can continue collecting daily prizes from the Advent Calendar for the rest of December.

1 December 2010

Advent & Adventure

Christmas is coming, and every day this month you can pick up free prizes from the Advent Calendar. Find out what Santa's brought you so far this year!

Also, The Faerie's Ruin is still on-going! Faerieland has crashed and Xandra's wearing her evil face: can the Faeries be saved? Check out our up-to-the-minute plot coverage to keep up with story!

16 October 2010


For up-to-the-minute comprehensive plot coverage, check out:

«The Faeries' Ruin»

10 May 2009* have broken the news as to which teams are in and out this year in the Altador Cup, thanks to paying careful attention to the plot board logos. Looks like all you Brightvale Supporters are going to be a bit disappointed.


In the mean time, if you're eager for some AC-tion (see what I did there? Haw haw...), why don't you read up on the first and second tournaments over at the Neodex? Coverage for the most recent tournament is still a bit patchy - so why don't you get involved and get it up to scratch? ^^

* Looks like it was actually The Daily Neopets to get this story first! D'oh!


28 April 2009


Is World Domination on Neocola's Agenda?

Well, no. Not really. But I had to get your attention somehow.

For a brand of more mundane soft drinks than their competitor Achyfi, Neocola does have an odd taste in corporate sponsorship, though. That's a bit weird. Someone should look into that.

Any budding investigators interested in the darker side of their favourite soft drink - and I'm not just talking about dissolving teeth - would do well to start with the Neodex's overview of the brand: Neocola is the current featured article at the Neodex.

Good night, God bless, much love.


14 April 2009

Hey there, listeners!

I'd just like to draw your attention for a moment to The Neodex, Pink Poogle Toy's Neopets wiki - an 'encyclopaedia Neopia' that anyone can edit.

(Yeah, that's what the 'wiki' link at the top is for. I thought it was a typo, too, but apparently we have nothing to do with Nintendo ;))

Eliv thinks the Neodex is 'a fern thirty'

There's a lot of cool stuff on the Neodex - if you're curious as to what the low-down is with Lord Kass, how many colours a Cirrus comes in, what's the deal with the ruins in Maraqua, or what the Advent Calendar prizes were in 2001, the Neodex should be your first-stop in finding out.

What's more is that the Neodex needs your help - if you ever wanted to contribute to PPT, now's your chance. Stick at it, and you may even find yourself elevated into the higher echelons Kym's seriously secret society of staff. :)

Interested? You blooming well should be, we even get pizza.