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This page is, or relates closely to, NeoDex policy.
While not set in stone, changes to policy should be discussed on the relevant talk page.
This article is about image use policy. For image editing help, see Help:Images.

The NeoDex contains images and other media which can help expand on a certain subject. Users can upload images to the NeoDex via the Upload File tool, but there are a number of guidelines to follow.

When to upload

Images should be uploaded when they are required to illustrate an article or a template. The most appropriate image available should be chosen, and should be relevant to the article it's being uploaded for. If an editor has questions on what images would be proper for a certain article, it should be discussed in that articles Discussion page. Editors must also be sure no image of the kind they are looking for is already in the NeoDex.

File formats

When uploading images to a Wiki, the preferred file format is PNG. However, because Neopets uses GIF and JPEG formats for many of their images, it's alright to upload images in those formats. Screen shots, modified/compiled images and images not from the Neopets servers should ideally be PNG. JPEG should be reserved for live action photographs, and BMP should never be used. Images should be optimized for the web and their size should not exceed 100 kilobytes (unless this is unavoidable).

File names

Usually, the name of a file on the Neopets servers is the name the file should be uploaded under. If this is very obscure and doesn't suggest what the image is, or if the image is not directly of Neopets origin, then a relevant name should be used instead. The following are certain examples:

  • "some_guy32.png" doesn't mean anything. "King_Skarl_HTD.png" (H.T.D. meaning "How To Draw") is more meaningful.
  • Game play buttons have developed the name syntax of "Play (Game ID).gif" or "Ctp (Game ID).gif" (example).

Image description

A clear description of what the image is and where it came from should be written in the summary upon upload. When posting the image URL, the "http://" from the code must be removed to stop the NeoDex from pulling the image from that server (i.e. King Skarl image taken from "How To Draw" page at If an image outside of the Neopets server is uploaded, a full description is always required, and permission must be noted from the image creator.

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