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Project 43: Enhancement

Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:22 pm

My first roleplay yay!

The setting is a unknown lab where humans are being enhanced.

Template for your character:

Enhancements (five or so):

My character is:

Occupation: Coming home from the army.
Enhancements:Four jointed legs, talons on feet, retractable claws in fingers, endurance and speed.

I'll start:

Dusk awoke in some sort of liquid. He moved his arms and legs only to find he was one, in some sort of container and two, had more then a few tubes attached to him.

"Where am I?" he thought. He remembered leaving Afghanistan on the the plane. And he remembered getting of the plane, but after that...

His thoughts where interrupted by a sudden crack in the tube. He had no time to prepare. The tube shattered and the tubes pulled out of him. He felt the pain as he hit the ground, which was now covered in glass, and almost blacked out.

A person stepped into view from behind a door. They where in a full white suit, complete with gas-mask and a gun of some sort connected to a pack of some sort. Dusk raised his hand to beg for help, but the person in the suit fired the gun. A green has poured from the gun, and he passed out near instantly.

He opened his eyes. He felt groggy, but he could see a few things right off. He saw bodies. Some they looked mostly human, but something was weird. The other thing was that he was now in a larger chamber then before. There where doors like the one the white-suited-one had come from.

He tried to stand, and fell. And it was easy to see why, his legs had four joints! Not only that, but his feet had claws like birds. He used his arms to help him self get up. But it wouldn't be that easy would it. As he tried to get up, claws extended from his fingers. He looked down to see that his finger nails where gone, and skin now overlapped slightly the half inch long claws now protruding from his fingers. "This is going to be really weird".

There you go! Make a character, start from the tube or the chamber Dusk is now in. Have fun!

Re: Project 43: Enhancement

Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:18 am

Eh, what the hell - haven't done this since Twelfth Kingdom!

Name: Dana Kent
Age: 25
Occupation: Junior police detective, presumed dead in shootout
Enhancements: Hawk's sight, keen sense of smell, armored scales, and let's make the retractable claws a thing.

Dana's eyes fluttered blearily open. She shook her head abruptly; everything was so crisp. She could smell something noxious in the air, make out every speck of dust on the gleaming white tile...

Then her eyes strayed to her right hand.

It wasn't her hand, of course. She must still be disoriented from the...

From the experience of being taken out of a test tube and drugged by a man in a white coat. Yes. Disoriented.

Dana flexed her fingers. The scaly hand with no fingernails moved in response, and the very tips of claws showed themselves. She tensed her fingertips, and the claws came out all the way. She couldn't stop staring, in spite of herself. She could see every fold and crease in those scales...

"This is going to be really weird," came a voice from behind her. She jumped a little, then turned around.

"Weird," she said faintly. What was wrong with his legs? "Yes, you might say that. Last thing I knew, I was staking out a drug den. Then..."

She gestured generally about her.

"Whoever did this can't be all that smart, I have to say," she said, confident that her tone was more matter-of-fact than she was feeling. "I mean, they plucked me straight out of the arms of the law. They can't think I won't be missed... and I can apparently see your individual skin flakes."

The taut musculature on the guy hit her. This was well beyond a buff figure. She thought something might have fallen into place about what they were after.

"So I get senses, and you get strength, then? What are you, an athlete?"

Re: Project 43: Enhancement

Wed Jul 14, 2010 2:46 pm

Hmmm might have a go at this.....give me something to do over the holidays

Name: Sapphire Davies
Age: 18
Occupation: Vets assistant
Enhancements: Telekeneises (sp?), (How about we make a thing of the claws?) Retractable claws, Control animals (In a nice way), Super strength, Super Speed

Groaning Sapphire opened her eyes, everything hurt, her head, her hands, her arms, her legs, all of it. Sitting up, she took in her surroundings, she seemed to be in a chamber of some sort, there was a low, white tiled ceiling, bare walls, no windows, and nothing but beds, some were empty, some had people in, each person had something odd about them. At the other end of the room she heard two people talking, the only two awake apart from Saphire. Ignoring them for the moment she took in what she was wearing, they seemed to be the same clothes that she last remembered wearing, the same worn out jeans and white top with navy butterflys scattered over it. But something new was added to the outfit, a green ribbon tied around her waist. She tried to take it off, however the second her skin toched the cloth she was weakly electrocuted in the hands. In her surprise she yelped, drawing the attention of the two on the other side of the room to her.

Re: Project 43: Enhancement

Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:05 pm

Dusk heard a blurred voice behind him. He turned and look to see a woman about his age covered in scales. He could tell she had the same claws as he did, but that was about it. As he walked over, she kept saying something, but his ears where out of whack from whatever had happened to them. So, to be on the safe side, he hit her. Unfortunately, he still wasn't used to his legs and the blow was pretty light

Suddenly,a zapping noise made his ears pop. He turned around to see another person sitting on one of the beds. "Great, now more are waking up." he said. She looked normal, minus the claws. He REALLY hoped she would stay over there. The idea of being ganged up on didn't sound like fun. He decided he had better back off before something bad could happen.
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