Adam and Donna's latest effort work in progress
(When the name changes, I'll change this name, too)
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The Cave Game and the Drop Game

Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:54 pm

While travelling the Moglings virtual world, players will encounter, at random, levels from one of the Moglings' mini-games. The levels will be created by other players, and will undergo a sort of peer review process before they get put into the game.

There are currently super-early alpha versions of two mini-games under development by Adam And The Gang available for testing. Various iterations of the Cave Game, a sort of maze stroke Rube Goldberg machine puzzle, have been going up since May. Today, the first version of the inventively titled Drop Game was opened for public feedback.

Basically it's an Angry Birds style game where the pet flies back and fore at the top of the screen and drops exploding cows onto a building/fort/castle thing. The aim is to probably knock over some sort of enemy, but we're not sure yet :) Yes the pets will all able able to fly (which is why they're hovering in a side-view in the cave game)

I should also probably mention that the art in both games is just place-holder for now.

You can find out more and try out these games at the Moglings subreddit.
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