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Stay Safe. Stay Alert. Stay Happy. by Sesshomaru0111

Hackers and scammers run freely around the web…
Hackers and scammers are everywhere! Think they don’t exist, think again! They are in fact, VERY real, and they do just what you think they do. Trick you, and steal your hard earned NP, and items. They are very smart, and very slick. And believe me, you DON’T want to be part of their terrible plans. Stay away from hackers, and scammers!

How can I be safe and alert?
Sometimes, hackers and scammers are pretty sneaky. And pretty tempting. But, how can you be up to date on the latest and greatest ways to be safe? Who can help you and give you excellent peace of mind? Well, I made this site for this exact reason. To help innocent Neopians, like yourself, from being hacked and scammed. (Also check out the Neopets wall of shame to stay aware of the current threats on Neopets!)

Scamming Guides

Scammer: Real Conversation by Rosie

Scamming- here is a full conversation that usually goes on between scammers and their victims. I did this as a test to show you that scammers can do this in a number of ways. Do not believe this, it was a trick I played on a scammer, showing that I was interested in what he told me. I am *~*Rio*~*, and he is kenny9905. Please be careful, this is what happened.

An original message on the general chat board.
100000 FOR FREE IN ONE DAY 1000000 FOR FREE IN ONE DAY- created by kenny9905 at3/5/2002 06:55am


What is this np thing you were talking about in the message board?


I Was a Scammer by Anonymous


I had been playing on neopets for some months, and had good pets (not great, though) and I was doing ok in NP. I fed them and cared for them. All the normal stuff. One day at school, the same friend who referred me to neopets told me about his cousin, who had a way to get peoples’ accounts using fake login pages. At that moment, I wondered. Could I pull something off like that? Of course not. I didn’t even know what HTML was at the time, much less about the creation of the scam…

School was out. I had created other accounts in the past months, one of which that I was very proud of. I had only one pet, seeing as how I had trouble with my other pets, not enough to keep on feeding them and training them. I had created a guild as well. There weren’t many members, yet I was happy. Then…one of those days, I was frozen. Why? For repeating what someone else had said. Of course, it was stupid, yet a simple warning would have been fair. I was annoyed by it for a while. And during that while, I remembered about the scam. Could I pull something off like that? Maybe… I had learned basic HTML thanks to neopets, and I learned how the scam worked thanks to another site that (foolishly) went into detail how the scam worked. And that’s when I began scamming.

Scamming Guides

Scamming: How to Find it and Stop It by Zann

So, we’ve all been to Neopets’ chat boards, right? Ever seen a title like this:


That is a scam. All they want is your account. *shivers* Scary thought, eh? Well, it scares me too, so I’m going to list all the ways a scammer could “attack”, so to say..

1. Fake login pages. Ever seen a URL like or something? That takes you to a login page that looks like a Neopets login. DO NOT LOG IN. Its fake, meaning that your beloved username and password are going to some psycho scammer. *mutters* Oldest one in the book!

All About Neopets

Through the Storm – Memoirs of a Rather Bad Neopian by star_bloom

We’ve all seen more than our fair share of ‘I was a scammer. Then I got frozen. Now I’m sorry.’ Well, my story is slightly different, and much more common. I thought some people could profit from reading how a straitlaced guild leader could slip into the recesses of pet trading and conning, loose everything several times, and come out of it with her head high. I am highly ashamed of everything I did, but I want to make my story known. Let the film roll…

The whole thing began in the summer of ’02, roughly a full year after I had started playing. I had 6 pets on two accounts, five painted, one a Poogle. My guild, which shall be known as ‘The Lillipadd’, had about 150 members. Yes, I was at a decent place in Neopia, with almost 700,000 neopoints. Only, I was bored. I had nothing to do, my friends were all at camp, and me, I had the chicken pox for the first time. Grumpy and contagious, I settled down into my bed with my sister’s laptop to use Tombola.