Battledome Guides

Neopets Battledome

The Neopets Battledome has been the home to L33T battlers for years. From well known names such as HROBI and HYNFAERIE, people have made their mark on Neopian history through the battledome. Also a place where Neopets plots are centered around, the Neopets Battledome allows your cute Neopets to wield weapons and attack in aggression while looking super cute and cuddly.

The beginning

Neopets weaponry and armor were rampant in Neopets before the Battledome made an appearance. In actual fact, the Battledome was something that was promised on Neopets for quite some time and it took a number of years (shall we say) before it was finally released to the public.

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Game Tips

Petpet Cannonball Tips

Press and hold the spacebar

Get the first petpet in and press spacebar for the rest of the game. It will say game over when you get around 700 – 800 points, a great way to earn some extra neopoints! – mitchell

Go for the petpets that score more

The heavier petpets, like the pirate Snowbunny and the Angelpuss score more points than the lighter petpets, the Buzzer and the Slorg. So when you get a Slorg or Buzzer, miss with those, and when you get a heavy petpet shoot that in. Here’s all the petpets’ weights:

Buzzer: 0.8kg (10points)
Slorg: 0.9kg (11 points)

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Game Tips

Petpetsitter Tips

How do know what type of pets will ask for things

When the petpets begin to stick in a group (this is usually around 1,700 points although it varies depending on what type of computer you have) it is always the petpets on the outside who begin asking for things. – Disauria

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Neopoints Guides

How to Make Millions by alex_rider1993

Like everyone else I wanted to paint my pet, feed it rare foods and train it in training school. So I decided I was going to become a millionaire so I could buy anything I wanted. I still haven’t got to the million but I’ve made about 270k in a month.

First of all you need to think about your pets, you don’t want to be spending any points on them. Once your rich they can have anything. But for now feed them with free food. Like rice balls, Pepsi and Miranda. Feed them one every day and they wont get hungry. If they get sick make the sick pet active and go to the healing springs it may take a few tries but eventually your pet will be fully healed.

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All About Neopets

Neopets Poems


Written by Dancingq213552126
Having a look at the PPT site,
Wondering if I shall get a fright,
Looking into the FREE neopoints,
Deciding to test my luck.

Choosing the game I should play next,
Will I win? Let’s see shall we,
Crossing my fingers,
Closing my eyes..

A faerie I have won,
From that Tombola dip,
From the Coltzan’s Shrine..

Entering my shop to sell my prize,
What a nice surprise.
How wonderful, how wonderful,
surprise, surprise

Life in Neopia

Written by princessstar.sakhzi

What with the tensions,
Of growing inflation’s,
And the fear of the tax beasts’ pensions

Life in Neopia has become very hard,
I wish someone would send me a happy holidays card,
And make this life less barred

Playing games for hours on an end,

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