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Korbat’s Lab Guide by original_sin59

Korbat's Lab screen shotKorbat’s Lab is a fairly easy game. but I have a few tips that will help you last longer.

ALWAYS remember that you are faster than the ball, but NEVER make yourself move from corner to corner to hit a ball, you will lose.

It’s fairly easy to change the balls direction, but fairly hard to change its angle. to change it, slide your paddle under the ball so that it just hits the end closest to the desired side of the screen.

If you think the ball is going to hit a Korbat, IMMEDIATELY get under it. chances are, it will go slightly to the left or right so you will be ready.

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Ice Cream Factory Guide by izzy_izumi98

Ice Cream Factory Art

Ice Cream Factory is undoubtedly one of the easiest and at the same time hardest games you’ll ever play that you’ll wonder how you could have ever lost. This game boasts two parts to it, an extremely easy play and then a gradually increase in difficulty stage which will make you clutch your hair in frustration.

Although I can safely say that I can pass the first easy stages with flying colors, it’s undoubtedly the warehouse stages that make me lose too many lives that I gain. Anyway, I am getting far ahead of myself, lets start with the basics.

Firstly, in the Ice Cream Factory where you get ice cream pelted your way while you try to dodge, there are many special ice creams that will randomly shoot out. Basically, their effects can be either good or bad (mainly a bit of both) so depending on how you play the game will determine what you think is good or bad.


The Compact Neopets Guide by Anniebunny923

Compact Neopets guide
Can someone help me read this guide?


It is important that you don’t spend all your NP on usuki dolls, toys and things you really don’t use. Of course you can buy things to your pets, but don’t spend thousands of nps on junk.

Free and cheap food

Sponsor games

I bet you have heard about sponsor games. And they are hard to find, right? So I will put up a link where you can find ALL the sponsor games on neopets!

This is the link to a petpage, Neo__bori’s petpage:

Dailies (and hourlies)


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Carnival of Terror Guide by Linh

Carnival of Terror screen shot

Assuming that you already know the points to the game as well as how to play it; I’m just going to give you a few tips. Hopefully it becomes useful to those players. (I have scored over 2000 points each game and if I can do it, you can also do the same.)


1. Running of time?

Type “custard” only once per game as stated already.

2. Running out of bullets?

When the bullet meter flashes [black] wait for the bullet-parachute to come down and if a pie comes near you hit only once or twice or else your going to lose b/c you wasted too many bullets. [__] < Leave this many space for when the bullet meter flashes.

Neopoints Guides

How to Generate 10,000 Neopoints a Day by purplehearts06

Pirate Krawk with lots of neopointsPlaying games are fun, but earning neopoints are much more fun. Having a lot of neopoints enables you to buy things that you like. I want to share you my everyday routine on how to earn 10,000 neopoints a day and even more!! I am an amateur in most of Neopets’ games but I still earn a lot of neopoints. There are no exceptions in earning a lot of neopoints, everybody can earn a lot if they wanted to. So let’s start with the games:

Aly and AJ: Personality Quiz

The good thing about personality quizzes is that you can just click one random option and you’re good to go. It makes it faster too.