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Korbat’s Lab Guide by original_sin59

Korbat's Lab screen shotKorbat’s Lab is a fairly easy game. but I have a few tips that will help you last longer.

ALWAYS remember that you are faster than the ball, but NEVER make yourself move from corner to corner to hit a ball, you will lose.

It’s fairly easy to change the balls direction, but fairly hard to change its angle. to change it, slide your paddle under the ball so that it just hits the end closest to the desired side of the screen.

If you think the ball is going to hit a Korbat, IMMEDIATELY get under it. chances are, it will go slightly to the left or right so you will be ready.

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Carnival of Terror Guide by Linh

Carnival of Terror screen shot

Assuming that you already know the points to the game as well as how to play it; I’m just going to give you a few tips. Hopefully it becomes useful to those players. (I have scored over 2000 points each game and if I can do it, you can also do the same.)


1. Running of time?

Type “custard” only once per game as stated already.

2. Running out of bullets?

When the bullet meter flashes [black] wait for the bullet-parachute to come down and if a pie comes near you hit only once or twice or else your going to lose b/c you wasted too many bullets. [__] < Leave this many space for when the bullet meter flashes.

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Trouble at the National Neopian Guide by Sherbert001

Trouble at the National Neopian

Ah, the daily life of a bank, money comes in, and (unfortunately) money goes out. It’s your job to make sure only the loyal customers pass through the doors of the NNB (National Neopian Bank).

To make your life harder there are six entry doors that you must man. Each door corresponds with a certain button. Starting from the left, door 1 is S, door 2 is D, door 3 is F, door 4 is J, door 5 is K and door 6 is L.

It is your job to watch out for pesky burglars which are:

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Habitarium Guide by sweetcollies

The first step is to start one. This is really easy, all that you have to do is click play on the Habitarium link and follow the professor’s instructions.

It doesn’t matter which habitat you choose; just pick one. After he’s given you the basics start buying and building immediately.

Since at the beginning you start off with a bunch of resources start stocking up on cornmeal and apple which will take care of your pets’ hunger and tiredness. Also buy a storage unit, house, and at least one nest.

Make sure to attack the pests which will give you more XP to level up. As you get enough resources, make sure to buy three nests: one for each breed of P3s. Always have nesters to put in each nest. For example: Pinchit in one, Mootix in another, and Larnikin in the last one.

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NeggSweeper Guide by Jenn

NeggSweeper a new Neopets game. The concept is the same as Mine Sweeper on most windows computers. You click a tile and what ever number comes up is how many mines (red neggs) are next to it. Whether it be up, down, right, left, or even diagonal, be careful of the mines. If you click one you lose, that’s basically the only things I have to say about it. Oh if you’re new to the game start on the easy level till you fully understand the game. And keep an eye on how many tiles are left. It just might affect the choice of the tile you click.