Neopets at Hamleys (Page 2)

Blobbi_kid’s Visit to Hamleys

Having spent the night with two other neopets obsessed friends, we woke up bright and early (TOO bright and early) to get to Hamleys just as it opened. No such luck. We got there about fifteen minutes late, and already the store was packed. Whilst my friends father kept our place in the queue, I and my other friends spent a frenzied five minutes choosing our voice activated neopets, eventually deciding on a Red Shoyru, a Red Kougra and a Blue Kougra (mine!) quickly named Spud, Rory and Aramink respectively. Then we got in the queue and waited, and waited, and got very hassled by a guy in a Blue Lupe costume who liked one of my friends shoes, (they were fluorescent!) my other friends hair (plaits) and generally leaning on me for some reason. It took about two hours to get to the neopets artists, after having claimed free rare item codes and candy canes, running around Hamleys dementedly and listening to a guy yell “smelly goo! It makes balloons!” Where we had our favourite pets drawn.

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Scamming Guides

Scamming/Hacking – A White Rabbit’s Hackers Point of View by ladymcalpine2001

The name’s ladymcalpine2001. I’ve been with Neopets for 21 months now, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. But I’ve been the victim of 9 account hacks – my pet, babatasha, is the sole survivor of those 9 hacks. All my other pets were frozen/deleted.

My stupidity was the cause of the first 2 hacks – scammers if you will. The third, fourth and fifth times were through who I thought were TRUSTED Neofriends. Sixth was through someone deciding my account with 2.8 million NP would be good to share, which resulted in it being frozen. Seventh and eight times were through blatant smartasses being “cool” on Neopets. And the Ninth was only recently…

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Neopets Podcast

The Pink Poogle Toy Show 6: Neopets Versus Pokemon

Kym, Evan, Scott, The Wonder Weezel and new host Heather combine to discuss topics ranging from a possible Neopets movie and what happens when Ash and Pikachu meet up with a neopet.

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Game Guides

Defender Trainer Guide by lucy5ive

The following is a list in alphabetical order of all the neopets, petpets and items found in the game. The numbers represent how many letters are in their names.


Acara5 Aisha5
Blumaroo8 Bruce5 Buzz4
Chomby6 Cybunny7
Elephante9 Eyrie5
Gelert6 Grarrl6 Grundo6
Jetsam6 Jubjub6
Kau3 Kacheek7 Kiko4 Koi3 Korbat6 Kougra6 Krawk5
Lenny5 Lupe4
Meerca6 Moehog6 Mynci5
Peophin7 Poogle6 Pteri5
Scorchio8 Shoyru6 Skeith6
Techo5 Tonu4 Tuskaninny10
Uni3 Usul4


Babaa5 Bearog6
Doglefox8 Drackonack10
Meepit6 Meowclops9 Mortog6
Slorg5 Snorkle7 Snowbunny9 Spyder6

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All About Neopets

Neopets Premium – What is Neopets Premium?

A big thanks to Suzuka (togepi_forever) for keeping us updated!

Neopets Premium is a subscription service to Neopets. It is essentially a pay-to-play service, with some extra bonuses.

People use Neopets Premium for a variety of reasons. One reason is to support the Neopets game they love so much, but also for another reason. Using Neopets Premium will allow them exclusive access to games before they are released and extra perks such as a free scratch card every week! For a definitive list on what perks are available to Neopets Premium subscribers, click here!

Neopets Premium only had a certain amount of slots available which discouraged many users who wanted it initially from getting it. Additionally, Neopets Premium, when it was created, stirred a lot of controversy among Neopets players. A lot of players believed that it was the beginning of Neopets turning into a pay-to-play service. Now many players are involved, and Neopets has expressly stated that it is not becoming exclusively a pay-to-play service. Now any user can join by getting a referral from a current Premium member.

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