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An Average Logon to Neopets by somethings_burning

Ok, for starters, I know everyone who reads this article will think, “Omigod, another How To Get Rich Guide…”

But if you bear with me, my guide will fill in all the tips and tricks that the others leave out, Ill be more updated with the changes of and plus, I’ll be more precise! ^_^

– Well, firstly, I usually like to turn my computer on… I mean, after all, it helps to do well in Neopets! =)

– When Neopets is loaded up, I rush to the Wheel of Excitement to give it a whirl ( and the Wheel of Mediocrity as well ( and after spinning these two wonderful wheels, dont stress out if you’ve lost health etc because of a bad spin, just go to the Healing Springs ( to make up for any losses.

All About Neopets

Keeping Neopets a Child Friendly Site? by Blo0dyRosSes

As a player on Neopets for approximately 44 months, I have noticed many things that have happened over the years such as many cheats, accounts frozen, and people using it as a dating service. The most disturbing, however is the inappropriate posts on the neoboards.

Neopets is a world wide service, issuing more and more toys, card games, video games, and merchandise all over the earth bringing in more people everyday.

Neopets has even signed a cross-promotional deal with McDonalds (plushies in happy meals) and a contract with Warner Bros. Pictures to produce animated feature films based on the pets and virtual world. The huge amount of advertising brings in many children and adults alike (21% of its users are 18 or older.) It’s a safe place for people who just want a place to play games to parents giving their child a pet and trying to teach them how the world works and discipline. But is it really such a friendly and safe place?

Game Guides

Digimon: The Neopets Version by youngking

If you go to, you’ll notice that they have a very similar version that belongs to them that is like this game on, and its interesting to see how they vary. First, the main characters in the site are Tai and Agumon, and his latter, and in Neopets there is only Terriormon, and his latter. Secondly, you can only control Terriormon in Neopets, whilst you can control both Tai and Agumon in the digimon version. Very interesting. The Neopets version to me is a lot more interesting, because there are a lot of glitches and its external flash, which I enjoy. Okay, now onto the game briefing.

Neopets Banners

Baby Uni my Pet is Ill Banner

Pretty up your Neopets account by using our pre-made Banners. All you need to do is click on the link below and copy + paste it into your edit screen.

Baby Uni my Pet is Ill Banner


Addiction or Not? When it is Time to Stop Playing Neopets For a While by Ellie

This is a guide about addiction to Neopets and when it affects your life. I would like to point out the things I’ve seen on users who play Neopets. They might not even realize what they’re doing, so here it is:

*Have you ever achieved a goal, for example, bought that paintbrush you’ve always wanted? You were so happy that you even went to the boards and told everyone about it, but what happens when this happiness goes too far?*

Trophies: A Neopets poll states that a user lookup shines more because of painted pets, NOT trophies. Trophies are nice. I mean who doesn’t want to get one because of the hard work! Trophies are nice to have, but don’t go around making people feel bad when you have about 20 trophies and they have only 2. Bragging isn’t always a good thing. Feel good about what you’ve achieved, but don’t make it part of your whole life. Trophies are just virtual pictures. Not real life. Keep in mind most people get those trophies through cheating, and the rest because of hard work, so really you might think “woah, he has 25 trophies” because you thought he earned them himself, but in reality, he might’ve only earned 10 by himself, the rest through cheating or who knows how (yes this is actually true, ever wonder why most users agree that one of the games it’s actually IMPOSSIBLE to get a 20,000,000 on? Unless it’s through cheating?) But hey, some people actually ARE good at games. Don’t let the fact of having 50 trophies control your life. When you grow up or quit Neopets, those trophies won’t matter anymore and hopefully you won’t lose them through hacking.