Neopoints Guides

Guide to Neopoints by Xoltaire

So you can’t seem to get a good amount of neopoints, well I am sure this guide will help you with your troubles. This guide isn’t like all those others out there that will tell you to play all the flash games each day for so long and then it will give you a guess on how much you will score on it and how much you will get from it. I simply don’t believe that anyone can score exactly around what those guides say or play all those games, because no one has the time for it.

Neopoints Guides

Guide to 10,000 Neopoints Daily by kissie

Did you realize that you can earn 100,000 NPs in just 10 days? Yes, I said you. If you are one of the many that are aware of this fact already, then this article is not for you. This article is meant for those that state that they are poor. People in the game of Neopets are only poor if they are too lazy to do anything about how they play. Yea, I said lazy. Not a nice word when you think about it? However, with this guide, 90% of people should be able to earn at least 5,000-10,000 NPs on a daily basis within less than twp hours time. In fact, I’ll earn my 10,000 as I type up this article. So, let me time myself for each thing I do.

Game Tips

Meerca Chase Tips

Some helpful tips

Zoom! You may be fast on Meerca Chase, but have you thought about if you score is really that high? Well here are some tips to help you get that snazzy avatar and maybe a cool trophy!

1. ALWAYS play Meerca Chase one when wanting an avatar, you only need 750 points if you want the avatar, Meerca Chase II you need 1,250 points.

2. Set the speed for hard. The word “hard” might scare you, but it is easy, and it take way less time. This would multiply your score more and you are faster.

3. Play safe. Don’t take chances, go in an extra circle if you think you might hit something. This helps a ton.

All About Neopets

A Day on Neopets by linkin_luver

As soon as I log-on to Neopets, this is what I do:

1.On school days, I wait a while then go to the Snowager at 4:30. Well, 4:30 where I am…

2.Then exactly on the hour or exactly thirty minutes after the hour, I go to Coltzans Shrine.

3.Same for Fruit Machine ^

4. I buy about 5 bottles of sand for 1 NP each then donate them, then I go play Tombola (try to go exactly on the hour or 30 mins after the hour). Even if I don’t win, he almost alwats feels sorry for me and gives me NP.

5. I play Meerca Chase (3 times)

Game Guides

SSchainmail90’s Guide to Meerca Chase by SSchainmail90

So your new to meerca chase… okes, no probs 🙂

I would NOT recommend doing easy mode, as this is just a time waster, its boring, you get hardly any points plus if you die its gonna take ages to get those points back again in another game. If your new, try medium. After a few tries of that, trying to perfect the distance between red neggs (they take up A LOT more space than the yellow neggs, strange as it seems) try hard. Then, go around collecting all the neggs, avoiding the red neggs (ug… duh!!!) This is IMO easier than medium, since its faster and more points. Most would say “its too hard to control!” I say that’s rubbish. A few tries and you will be getting 300 NP every try. Also, if a rainbow or fish negg just “happens” to pop up, its a ton of neopoints and that magical meerca plushie you always wanted :). Also, there’s a timing for meerca chase. If you cant get a negg for 1.5 seconds, then a red one appears. On hard your so fast that you nearly never get a red negg (but i think the timer is faster on hard mode :(.)