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The Prowlers: Part III by Porygonix

The ship pulling into bay woke Lethal. It was early, and fog covered the desert. It was surprisingly warm outside. Lethal woke Hatchet with a push of the paw. The two got the gang together.
‘Soak a rag in gasoline, then throw this…’ Hatchet held up a Fire Mote.
Antsy quickly followed orders and got the rag ready with a can of gas in Hatchet’s closet. The plan was in play. Antsy crept behind the buildings. The Lupes waited for hours upon hours, but Antsy never came back.
‘FIRE!!!!!!’ a yell ran throughout the town. All the wolves turn to the ship and sure enough the crew and driver lambered off the ship.

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Exploring Neopia by Shadowsgirl345119

Hi, I’m Shadowsgirl345119, and I’m here to travel with you on a journey through Neopia. There are so many places to see and visit that it’s hard to decide where to go first. We could fly up into the clouds and chat with the faeries in Faerieland, or venture to Mystery Island and go on a Tiki Tour. Well, that’s enough gibbering for now. Let’s pack our bags and hit the road.

Lost Desert

First stop, Sakhmet, an interesting city in the heart of Lost Desert. Hungry? How about a sand banana? I know what you’re thinking, “Nasty, right?” Well, Neopians in this area find it to be quite scrumptious. Feeling lucky? Go to the Fruit Machine and you could win a few neopoints. Well, enough of that. Let’s have some fun, maybe a few rounds of Geos? Maybe we should go visit Coltzan’s Shrine; he might grant your pet an extra level boost. Oh no, the evil bugs are back! Let’s play Swarm, and they might just go away. Ooh, let’s go visit Qasala and see how they’re doing. Feel like reading a few scrolls? Check out the Words of Antiquity.

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The Neopian World – Ancient or Modern? by anela2003

Just recently I found a faerie in front of the wishing well. Immediately, I grabbed it and blessed my pet. Cheering on my way home, I stopped by the stock market to check on my portfolio. Common and normal, you may think. Yes, but what is the big deal? You may not understand yet, so let me explain.

We all long for a certain fantasy land. We all imagine dragons and monsters, and yet, there is nothing quite like that in our world. We are all modernized. Sometimes you may even think that robots will rule our world in the future, but let us focus on the Neopian world.


Neopets Back in my Day by Freddy Headness

You know how when you go over to an older relative’s house, and they reminisce about the “good old days”? Well, older Neopians can do the same, only in this case, “old” would be about three or four years old. A person is able to go to the neoboards and see the current issues Neopia is experiencing plots, avatars, new ideas, etc.

Well, back in my day, Neopia was much different. There was no such thing as Roo Island, Kiko Lake, or even the Deserted Fairground. Neopia was much smaller back then. The founding of Meridell was a huge deal. The Neoboards were abuzz with talk of a medieval world. Could it be possible? The Neopets team made a medieval world! What will the pets look like? Will a paint brush come with it? Those were all the topics concerning Meridell. Then came the war. Everyone on the boards had chosen a side, Darigan or Meridell. We all know how the war ended. Meridell won, and Lord Darigan had been vanquished. And yes, this was before the second Meridell war soon after with Lord Kass.

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The Short and Successful Guide to Having a Guild by cheer_girl2199

Everyone wants to be a Neo Dragon Riders, Neo World of Food, etc. Well, actually, you don’t. The bigger guild the less of a chance you’ll have to be able to memorize everyone’s username. You’ll have to give away WAY more prizes to keep people joining and from quitting. You might even need to start a website (register a domain name) just to keep everything straight. So, think about it and you WANT a guild of about a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 30 people/usernames in your guild. Read on to figure out how to get those 8-30 people to join