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Mynci Beach Volleyball Guide by Undercoverhamster

This game is relatively easy after a bit of practice but to help you along the way, here are a few techniques.

1. Move back away from the ball and jump late. This will create a flat trajectory and ball will just go over the net causing problems for your opponent.

2. Get the ball near to the back wall and then jump, making sure that the ball bounces off the back of your head. This cause the ball to rebound off the back wall and over then net. A useful move in later levels.

3. Hit the ball right near your opponents back wall. In early levels the opponent will likely jump and miss. In later levels this is rarer but still happens.

Game Solutions

Moon Rock Rampage Solutions by okamotosan

Overview: Your character has to go through 20 levels collecting parts worth anywhere from a measly 1 point to a whooping 250 points! In some levels the main point-gaining method will be collecting the parts, but on certain levels there are good opportunities for you to smash Moon Rock Monsters for a lot of points!

Max points: I am sure I haven’t found the way to get the maximum amount of points from this game, but I have gotten to the top of the High Score board, so I’ve done something right : I don’t usually spend my time trying to smash as many monsters as I can. I know it is possible to smash monsters on all levels, but I’ve only listed it under the ones I use. Also, you will want all three of your lives in level 20, so if you lose a life anywhere in the game you will have to start over if you want one of those top score! I’ll explain more on that near the end.

Game Guides

Mutant Graveyard of Doom Version 1 by Sabrina Bate


You were exploring the spooky forest one fatal night when you hear a voice chanting from the ground. Plucking up your courage you go of to explore. As you get nearer you get a weird feeling in your belly. You fall to the ground and hug your belly, as the feeling gets worse. Suddenly you change colour from a bright yellow to a sickly rotting green! “Bring me food or you will stay that way, For-ever!” A voice booms and echoes.

Would it not be easier to just nip down to your local tesco’s and maybe even get some great 2 for 1 deals? Nope this monster has a fancy only for disgusting food, the kind the food agencies try to ban! So you’re going into a huge graveyard with multiple sections, where every section is dominated with ghosts, walking tombstones and blinking giant octopus. In every section you will find food that even school would not serve you for Lunch, well, they do try.

Quest Guides

Illusen’s Quest Levels

When you complete certain levels of Illusen’s quests you recieve certain items, below is a list of these items, what level you get them and what they are. You need to remember if you do this quest, you cannot do Jhudora’s Quests on the same day, you see the two faeries are rivals and wont give you quests if you are helping out the other one.

New: We have added some information about each item, enjoy. – Sam

Thanks to snowykittenz for finding many of these images.


Item Info

Illusens Cream Cookie

Yummmy cream cookies that are great after any meal or for a special treat. These are one of Illusens favorite treats.

Game Guides

Guide to Becoming a Krawps High Roller by Konidias

This game is pretty recent, and I have found that it can be a very quick way to make a lot of neopoints if you know what you’re doing. The goal is to win the “bilgeline” which is the matching number the skull is on. You can bet many other ways, but I have made a system that I prefer and use myself.

Just a quick comment, I have made over 100,000 neopoints in one day playing this game alone! 🙂

First off, you might want to start playing with low chip denominations. Of course, if you want to make the big money, go for the max (300 np per chip).