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Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway Guide by Hyper_Sushi21

Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway is a pretty easy game. You play Bruno, Sophie’s brother from the Tale Of Woe plot, and you have to get all the potions without getting hit by the villagers or the rocks they throw.

There isn’t anything random in this game like the others, the potions are all in the same places, the villagers are in the same places and the layout (map) is the same every time you play (it does change from level to level though). If you memorize where everything is, you can get the total 3000nps from it in about ten minutes.

At the start of the game, there are two villagers, the Ixi and the Wocky (the tall yellow thing and the shorter orange thing with clothes on) who stay on the ledge that they are on, they can’t jump off (although the rocks they throw can) however, in level 3 a new villager is introduced, a Kacheek (It’s short, green and jumps) comes who can jump and in level 5, there are 2 villagers who can move around, the green Kacheek and a blue Techo.

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Whack-A-Beast Guide by Vic

Whack-A-Beast screen shot

Whack-A-Beast is about the easiest game that requires no skill, just good reflexes! Here are a few tips that should get you a high score!

Always go for the highest “beasts”: If you see a blue beast jump up whack him first since he is worth the most (10 Points).

Whack the yellow ones next if you see any they are worth 3 and always whack green over red as green are worth 2 and only 1. If you think about it, you whack 5 green you get 10 points if you whack 5 red you only get 5! The object is to get to 50 each round.

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Meepit vs. Feepit Guide by dapantsman2


z – Punch
x – Kick
zxzx – Role combo
xzxz – Headbutt combo
c – Block
and the arrow keys to move

Level 1 – Normal Meepit
Level 2 – Dung Meepit
Level 3 – Fairy Meepit
Level 4 – Tyrannian Meepit
Level 5 – Lava Meepit

The key is to win the first two rounds of each level and then beat your opponent until they are almost dead but not quite.

Then let them win the next two rounds before finishing them off in the fifth round. This will give you a better score.

Winning is very easy once you master the combination attacks. – dapantsman2

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Hubrids Hero Heist Guide by jonathan21340

This game has many levels and its a great game if you want to sit down for a long time and earn 1000np every play (that’s if you follow my guide). It may take along time and can get boring through every level but it is worth it, especially if you get the trophy for this game.

The main aim of this game is to stay alive while killing all the monsters in each level. The game is relatively easy if you know what your doing and what each monster does.

Here are the list of main monsters in the game:

Kacheek: This is the most common monster in the whole game, and it is the most easiest to kill, it only walks and climbs up ladders on each platform/s.

Stock Market Guides

Neopets Stock Market

The Neopian Stock Market is undoubtedly one of the best ways to gain neopoints in Neopets. Personally, I’ve amassed over 20 million neopoints using the stock market alone, and you can too.

The beginning
The Stock Market upon its advent, get this, had no restrictions on how many stocks you could buy daily! You could easily make 60 bajillion neopoints if you had the dosh ready in literally one hour. Now, Neopians are limited to 1,000 stock purchases a day. Poo!

They had no bankruptcy
Bankruptcy was unheard of in the beginning. Therefore, as long as you had the patience to wait things out, you were guaranteed to make millions of neopoints. Now-a-days, companies occasionally go bankrupt. Looks like Neopets wised up after awhile.