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Bilge Dice Guide by kaboom42963

General Tips:

1. Read the directions before playing.
2. You are only allowed to earn 5,000 NP per day, but if your last hand wins more, you still get credit. So, try to win as close to 4,990 NP as you can, then on the last hand, bet the maximum.
3. Your winnings consist of all the antes, so the actual amount you win is 3 times the amount you bet.
4. The most consecutive wins I ever had was 8, and usually they don’t go over 4 or 5. So, if you have won 3 or 4 hands in a row and don’t feel lucky, just bet 10 NP.

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Go! Go! Go! Guide by Snowballwarlord

This is a very interesting game, in which the goal is to play a card higher than the last until u run out of cards.

Hint #1 At the beginning of the game never play high cards such as aces or cards such as twos, save these until the draw pile is gone.

Hint #2 if you have a two and a ten, try to keep the game moving and the cards low, until at about 15 cards you can play your ten and eliminate lots of cards.

Hint #3 Against a computer opponent, attempt to get the number of cards down as far as possible. This will allow you to play catch-up if you ever have to pick up a pile. You are better than AI (or should be, just quit playing if you aren’t).

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Grarrl Keno Guide by Allergoeiste

Grarrl Keno is a game based on luck; there is only one factor in the game you can change: the numbers of eggs you bet on. Using the mathematical formula below I calculated the average NP you get back.

E= number of eggs you selected
H= number of eggs you selected that hatched

(E nCr H)+((80-E) nCr (10-H))
________________________ (divided by)

80 nCr 10
===================== (equals)
(= 1646492110000)

E Average NP
2 0.1820*bet
3 0.07485*bet
4 0.04016*bet
5 0.0217*bet
6 0.004623*bet
7 0.001998*bet
8 0.0000503*bet
9 0.2805*bet
10 0.2411*bet

This proves you can’t really make a lot of NP (unless you’re really lucky; the chance of 30000 times your bet is far less than one in a million(1/8234055100 to be precise)). You should only play this game to get a trophy. When you do play, select 9 eggs. – Allergoeiste

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Kass Basher Guide by Grace Nicholas

Tips & Strategy

Always wait until wind speed is at 9. ALWAYS. Usually the speed increases by two, so if it starts out at an odd number, and especially if it starts out high, like 5 or 7, your chances of hitting 9 are higher. If it’s at 8, it can only go to 7 or 6, and if it goes to 7, there’s the chance it’ll become 9. This might be a little confusing, but when you’re playing, just keep in mind that your magic number in this game is NINE!

Whack Kass at the opportune moment. Through experience, I’ve found that hitting the Kass when it’s at your Blumaroo’s ears is about the perfect height. Not only does your bat connect wonderfully with the poor puppet, the higher elevation also gives you more air time, allowing the Kass to travel further. This, however, is easier said than done. It does take some practice and concentration, but you should get the hang of it in no time. Besides, another try is just a click away!

Game Guides

Advert Attack Guide by zelda2222

So youve been playing Advert Attack (AA) for awhile now and still dont have the avatar. Or maybe youre just starting out. At any rate whether youre quite familiar with the game already or youre just a beginner I probably have a few tips to help get you closer to the finish line and the shiny avatar youve been working so hard for.

First of all Id like to say that AA is one of those games you actually do get better at if you practice. Believe me. If I can get the avatar then so can you. Plus, one great thing to your advantage is that this game takes almost no skill whatsoever. Basically if you can click a mouse then you can play this game. In fact, most of the tips that I have compiled will most likely only help you to improve upon what your are already doing. In AA even a little improvement can drastically increase your score.