Neopian Commerce

Trading Post Hysteria by Ania

Trading? There are a few simple things to know.

First off, I dont mean to start this article sounding like some heartless person. I understand that its hard to earn neopoints, that playing the same games gets boring, and that those paintbrushes are REALLY expensive but theres a few basic things that you shouldnt do when youre on Neopets.

One of my first pieces of advice is that it that reposting a message saying TYPETHISMESSAGEINTENOF YOURTRADESANDGO2FAERIELANDANDYOU WILLFIND2000000NEOPOINTSAND AVERYRAREPAINTBRUSHTHISHASBEEN APPROVEDBYNEOPETS is completely pointless and a waste of your time. I was at the Trading Post and I saw so many of these messages. Ive been guilty of that, I admit it. In my newbie days, I was really nave. But reposting messages like that will never get you anything but reported by people who are sick of seeing spam all over Neopets.

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Game Tips

Neverland Jigsaw Puzzle Tips

Mini guide

1) If you are a newbie to this game, or you do not do jigsaw puzzles much, start out on the easy level, just to get used to where things are. However, as soon as you get good at it, go to the hard level. The most I ever got on easy was around 300 points. There is an upper limit of 1000 points on hard, and I go over that every time I play.

2) For hard level 1, the pieces are set up really well. The puzzle is a rectangle, with 5 columns of 3 pieces each. Going from right to left, each of the columns are right where they should be, just the rows are wrong, and all you have to do is fix them. Almost no moving around of any piece you don’t want to place is needed.

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New to Neopets

How to Become a Neopets Expert in 10 Minutes by Abukoster


Everyone knows there aren’t any secrets to making neopoints. Apart from that, most guides can probably guarantee you as well as I can on how to make them. Most tell you to play game A or game B, and then you have to check out the Pink Poogle Toy Games section to find out how to play game A or game B. Apart from games, there are a LOT more methods to making neopoints, and all will be mentioned below. Some are tedious, some require gambling and some just take too long – All in all, you’ll still make neopoints fastest with this guide!

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Neopoints Guides

How to Earn Neopoints Through Games and Dailies by pep_o_mintcandy

Do neopoints just float in your dreams? Do you want to win more? Not very good at games? Is selling stuff just not cutting it anymore? Then why not a guide for more neopoint. Now that’s a great idea. I will not tell you how to play each game, preferably because my article would waste space considering the game guides all have pretty clear directions, but if you need help clarifying the directions, neomail pep_o_mintcandy.

Action and Puzzles

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General Neopian Life

How to Make a Good Contest by SHoRtxAzNBrEAkEr

Please note: ALL contests are now banned from Neopets. Please do not read this article (even though it is quite good).

Basic Steps
1.) Get a good rare item (neggs, faeries, p/bs, etc.)
2.) Get a lot of misc. items
3.) Price them fairly to the nearest hundred.
4.) Price the rare item(s) at 99999np (just incase someone does buy it.)
5.) Now, in your shop description tell the people something like, “1st place gets the rare item!!” or something. Make it fair by making it a drawing contest. (ex. 100np= 1 ticket.) If you want to, make a date as to when the contest ends. Don’t tell them that you are trying to obtain a certain item, as they will think it’s a scam. Also never make a contest that says something like, ” I will tell you a secret if…” and so on.

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