Neopets Stories

Purple Chomby and Blue Poogle by XxCheLYxX

Little Purple chomby went home to her mommy crying her tears were coming down fast. Her mom said, ” Why are you crying hunny.” “Mommy my best friend Blue Poogle is leaving to neggery with her parents in three days.” Purple Chomby didn’t even let her mom speak she ran to a blue door opened it and got in her room she jumped on her beautiful bed with a cover with sun flowers on it. She was crying like never before her tears ran down her plump purple cheeks. her mom called her and said,” Lunch is ready I ordered pizza for us today, Purple Chomby.” ” I’m not hungry” said Purple Chomby. ” Oh common sweetie at least eat lunch .” Purple Chomby still said no. her mom came in the room and said, I have an idea why don’t we invite BluePoogle to our house tomorrow and today we go shopping and make her a surprise going away party since on the third day she is going to leave in the morning.” “That’s a good idea mommy thanks. can I also invite a couple of friends over also.” ” Sure you can sweetie.” said Purple chomby’s mom. Purple chomby called 20 of her friends only 16 could come each one of them went shopping to bring different things. Of course they all bought gifts for Blue poogle. The next day was Saturday every body met at Purple Chomby’s house in the morning they got everything together then Purple Chomby called Blue poogle and told her at that time she could come of course Purple Chomby called Blue Poogle the day before that before she called her friends. She asked Blue poogle if she could come and she said yes. Purple Chomby told poogle what time she could come because her mom had to clean the house. Blue Poogle rang the door bell and Purple Chomby answered and said hi. Then Blue Poogle stepped in and every body jumped out of hiding places and said,” Surprise! Blue poogle was so happy she was crying. Their were signs hung up said bye Blue Poogle and we’ll miss you. There was lunch ,cake ,and balloons. They had a good time Blue Poogle loved the presents. Every body said bye to Blue Poogle when the party was over. Blue Chomby gave her a bracelet that said PURPLE CHOMBY AND BLUE POOGLE. Purple Chomby put hers on and Blue Poogle put hers on and they said good bye! – XxCheLYxX

Game Guides

Whack-A-Beast Guide by Vic

Whack-A-Beast screen shot

Whack-A-Beast is about the easiest game that requires no skill, just good reflexes! Here are a few tips that should get you a high score!

Always go for the highest “beasts”: If you see a blue beast jump up whack him first since he is worth the most (10 Points).

Whack the yellow ones next if you see any they are worth 3 and always whack green over red as green are worth 2 and only 1. If you think about it, you whack 5 green you get 10 points if you whack 5 red you only get 5! The object is to get to 50 each round.

Game Guides

Meepit vs. Feepit Guide by dapantsman2


z – Punch
x – Kick
zxzx – Role combo
xzxz – Headbutt combo
c – Block
and the arrow keys to move

Level 1 – Normal Meepit
Level 2 – Dung Meepit
Level 3 – Fairy Meepit
Level 4 – Tyrannian Meepit
Level 5 – Lava Meepit

The key is to win the first two rounds of each level and then beat your opponent until they are almost dead but not quite.

Then let them win the next two rounds before finishing them off in the fifth round. This will give you a better score.

Winning is very easy once you master the combination attacks. – dapantsman2

Game Guides

Turdle Racing Guide by ljoyd17

In Turdle racing you get three bets a day at any time you want. You just click to go the the Betting Page, pick your Turdle, place your bet, and if you want you can feed your Turdle a food item.

The game is mostly chance, but there are a few theories that have worked for me in the past.* For example, since you can place your three bets one right after the other, first pick a Turdle you want to bet on that day. For your first bet, just place a small bet, maybe 10 or 15 NP. Now either your Turdle will lose (which is generally the case) or it will win, in which case you do get at least a small prize.

Game Guides

Ice Cream Factory Guide by izzy_izumi98

Ice Cream Factory Art

Ice Cream Factory is undoubtedly one of the easiest and at the same time hardest games you’ll ever play that you’ll wonder how you could have ever lost. This game boasts two parts to it, an extremely easy play and then a gradually increase in difficulty stage which will make you clutch your hair in frustration.

Although I can safely say that I can pass the first easy stages with flying colors, it’s undoubtedly the warehouse stages that make me lose too many lives that I gain. Anyway, I am getting far ahead of myself, lets start with the basics.

Firstly, in the Ice Cream Factory where you get ice cream pelted your way while you try to dodge, there are many special ice creams that will randomly shoot out. Basically, their effects can be either good or bad (mainly a bit of both) so depending on how you play the game will determine what you think is good or bad.