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Dubloon Disaster Guide by Elvin

I am recommending going against the convention of taking out the mines in the game. In fact keep 9 mines in the map as often as you can. Destroying the mines is risky and time consuming. There is no guarantee the next time you pick up a dubloon another mine wont pop up right next to you. My strategy is this.

Keep the 9 mines in a centre mass. The assumption here is you should be quite a good player. Dive in between two mines and you would bring them closer. If there are 3 mines, stay in the centre and let them move towards you and then move away. This way you would have 3 mines quite close to each other.

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Games That Can Get You 150,000 Neopoints a Week by tootie_fruity_123

EVERY GAME CAN GET YOU 150K A WEEK!! It just depends how good you are at the daily games you play. As you might know, the easiest way to make neopoints is to play games. Sure, it takes time to play them, but eventually, you will earn more neopoints because you get better at those games (or just look up cheats on Google :p). Here are the games I play daily to earn about 10,000 a day just in games!!!

This guide will show you how to get near 10,000 NPs (yes!) a DAY!! However, this will require some work.

Note: You may not get the full amount of NP on this guide. Some Neopians may be better at certain games than others! Sometimes it’ll take a couple of days until you get the hang of some of these games! Note: Where you see the “Earned” text… that is how much you may have earned after playing the game 3 (max) times. 🙂

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Game Guides

Inuyasha’s Dubloon Disaster Guide by Inuyasha

Welcome to Inuyasha’s Dubloon Disaster guide for you cheaters out there! Okay, when you play this game you have to realize that only one whirlpool may appear. Type in the cheat scallywags to get it out of the way.

The goal

Ok most of you know what to do right? Well for those who have never even tried the game all you have to do is collect as many dubloons as you can without being killed by the mines. Although getting the 1k from the game may be good, most of us Neopians set our eyes on that shiny avatar… right? Well that is what I am here for. Just read through this and you will have no problem reaching that 800 point mark 😉

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Game Cheats

Dubloon Disaster Cheats

Increase your chances of getting a 100 dubloon coin

Type “blackpawkeet” during game play, this increases your chance of getting a 100 dubloon coin in Dubloon Disaster. – knd1994123

Create a whirlpool

If you type scallywags in Dubloon Disaster, you can create a whirlpool but this can only be used once per game. – lijiansheng92

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Game Guides

Dubloon Disaster Guide by exclamationpoint91


Bronze 2 pts
Silver Skull 5 pts
Silver X 10 pts
Silver Moon 20 pts
Silver Clouds/Skull 50 pts
Gold X 100 pts
Silver X/Gold Ring 200 pts

Game Explanation:
Dubloon Disaster is simple all you really have to do is steer the little boat around the mines which are always moving toward you. They also move faster toward you as they get closer to you. You are trying to collect as many coins as possible. They will pop up one at a time. You don’t have to run over the coin to get it just get close.

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