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Bubble Yum Blowout Guide by Shoyru_Lover

In the true spirit of ball like games, comes Bubble Yum’s Blowout game, where you will have to knock out all the blocks or balls from the top, before they come down and make you eat them all 🙂

Using your faithful sidekick duck, you can aim him/her towards the balls of food and shoot them! The type of food duck will shoot is totally random, but the aim is to destroy everything, then you can advance to the next level. Once you group a certain type of food together (three or more) then that specific block will disappear. Anything below that block will also disappear and this aspect of the game is very important.

Game Guides

Bilge Dice Guide by Kevin Kruse

Got the Bilge Dice blues? I’ve got the cure!

Bilge Dice can be one of the more frustrating games in Neopia, it doesn’t have to be. The chances of winning can be increased by mastering this game. I have won many games but only 25% of them. To play this game you must be very patient and be willing to spend a lot of time on it.


1. Try listening to some good music while you play, it helps to keep you focused.

2. Never start out by anteing a high amount of np, win a little first then gamble your winnings. Avoiding debt early is key for it can cost frustration and hours just trying to get back to 0 np.

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar 2004

Advent Calendar 2004
December 1st

Snowball Bean Bag & 300 Neopoints also

Something Has Happened!
You are now eligible to use ‘Plastic Fir’ as an avatar on the NeoBoards!

December 2nd

Fake Lord Kass Toy Sword & Whack A Kass Puppet & 200 Neopoints

December 3rd

Merry Christmas Quiguki & Green Quiguki Rug & 350 Neopoints

December 4th

Rainbow Doughnutfruit Plushie & Chocolate Doughnutfruit & 240 Neopoints

Game Solutions

A Return to Planet Tamagotchi Solutions by therazorsedge28

1. Start smashing stalactites and collect the coins. Don’t stay in that one map, smash the ones north of that region as well. Ignore the green guy. Collect 10 coins to head back to the map with the shop.

2. Buy a “hot chocolate”.

3. Look for that green guy and give him the chocolate. If you want extra points, enter the field and go back down. He’ll still be there and give you extra points.

4. Go back to the shop to buy a “strength elixir”.

5. Collect more coins for a “flashlight”.

6. Go to the first grass map. Push that boulder away from the pathway. Go into the hole in the fence.

Neopets Podcast

Spotlight on Jonny

Hi Jonny! Tell us a bit about yourself! How did you get your name? What makes you tick? What’s the most random thing thats happened to you?

I’m Jonny and 13. I’m 14 on November 20th. I don’t really know how i got my name but I’m actually Jonathan; I changed it to Jonny in year 4. Don’t ask why. I get really annoyed by people that nag about things and the slowness of my PC! The most random thing the happened to me was when i got hit by a bus.

Apart from being super cool and having your own sound effect who is your favorite host?