Tips to Making Several Million Neopoints in a Few Months by sailor_serena29

First of all, you must make a good investment of 5,000 to 10,000 np. You can do this by playing games, wheel of fortune, or scratch cards. Now, after getting this money, put it in the bank to collect interest for up to one week. Take 5000 np out of the bank. Go to the book shop and wait until it restocks. (First, check the news every day. This is to see if there are any new books out. I always check it every time I log on in case it’s a pet’s day or something. They usually come out with 3-5 new books for that pet.)

Game Cheats

Scamander Swarm Cheats

The secret staff member

In the top left corner, clicking the Scamander’s eye (who is walking down the building) will reveal ‘The Phantom Orange-Shirt Guy’! – knd1994123

All About Neopets

Kadoatie Feeding by cinfulgirl

In order to get the Mew avatar you must feed 75 Kadoaties at the Kadoatery. It takes a lot of pratice and quick handwork to feed ’em, but hopefully my page will help you get a little better at it. The screen shots below are how I managed to feed them, and is one of the easiest ways to do it I believe.

The Kadoaties restock around every 30-35 minutes, sometimes with a ‘mini restock’ in between (which consists of one, sometimes two Kadoaties, that become hungry in the lower right hand corner). This happens when a Kadoatie with an unbuyable hasn’t been fed from the last round (this Kadoatie will usually be in the upper left hand corner). So with the added mini restock, it essentially makes the new round a full restock. These usually appear anywhere from ten minutes after the initial restock, or around five to ten minutes before the next restock.

Game Tips

Lenny Conundrum Tips

Game Solution Tips

It’s easy to get lost on this as it requires a lot of thinking (not one of my strong points) but I recommend that you work it out bit by bit. Don’t just read it all in one and make a jab at the answer – read each paragraph and make sure you know what it’s asking. Forget about the actual question. Work your way down the paragraphs and you’ll get a better understanding of it all.Once you have one this, you should have understood what Lenny’s asking you. If you don’t I recommend you try your best at getting an answer then comparing it to a friends. If you *still* can’t get it, try the next week’s puzzle! – by electra_kittie

Game Guides

Bilge Dice Guide by kaboom42963

General Tips:

1. Read the directions before playing.
2. You are only allowed to earn 5,000 NP per day, but if your last hand wins more, you still get credit. So, try to win as close to 4,990 NP as you can, then on the last hand, bet the maximum.
3. Your winnings consist of all the antes, so the actual amount you win is 3 times the amount you bet.
4. The most consecutive wins I ever had was 8, and usually they don’t go over 4 or 5. So, if you have won 3 or 4 hands in a row and don’t feel lucky, just bet 10 NP.