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Neopets Premium – What is Neopets Premium?

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Neopets Premium is a subscription service to Neopets. It is essentially a pay-to-play service, with some extra bonuses.

People use Neopets Premium for a variety of reasons. One reason is to support the Neopets game they love so much, but also for another reason. Using Neopets Premium will allow them exclusive access to games before they are released and extra perks such as a free scratch card every week! For a definitive list on what perks are available to Neopets Premium subscribers, click here!

Neopets Premium only had a certain amount of slots available which discouraged many users who wanted it initially from getting it. Additionally, Neopets Premium, when it was created, stirred a lot of controversy among Neopets players. A lot of players believed that it was the beginning of Neopets turning into a pay-to-play service. Now many players are involved, and Neopets has expressly stated that it is not becoming exclusively a pay-to-play service. Now any user can join by getting a referral from a current Premium member.

Neopets Premium comes in two packages, the Neopets Premium (Regular Portal Pack) and the Neopets Premium (Web Package With ISP). For a full price listing of how much they cost, click here!

Neopets Premium is now open to any user who can get a referal from a current portal member. For a detailed listing of Neopets Referrals, click here!

To encourage active participation of the referral system, Neopets provided a reward system for the people depending on the amount of people they referred to the Neopets Premium service! For a full listing of what prizes are available, click here!

If you’re interested in becoming a Neopets Premium subscriber, it would be worthwhile to check out the things to watch for page. To take a look, click here!

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