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Neverland Jigsaw Puzzle Tips

Mini guide

1) If you are a newbie to this game, or you do not do jigsaw puzzles much, start out on the easy level, just to get used to where things are. However, as soon as you get good at it, go to the hard level. The most I ever got on easy was around 300 points. There is an upper limit of 1000 points on hard, and I go over that every time I play.

2) For hard level 1, the pieces are set up really well. The puzzle is a rectangle, with 5 columns of 3 pieces each. Going from right to left, each of the columns are right where they should be, just the rows are wrong, and all you have to do is fix them. Almost no moving around of any piece you don’t want to place is needed.

3) For hard level 2, it helps to work in two halves. I usually start at the top, because that has the name, and it’s really easy to figure out where the pieces go. Then I work on the bottom row, which is mostly green. From there, I usually work my way up, using the sky background as a guide (it goes darker as you go up).

4) Hard level 3 is pretty difficult because there are round pieces. I usually seperate between edges and middle in the beginning. I just click and drag pieces that are not edges to the bottom right corner. The edges are just blue, so anything that isn’t blue just drag over. There are a few middle ones that are blue, but they don’t have flat edges. With the edges, keep in mind that half circles can connect to other half circles at the edges. Since they’re all blue, look closely and see if the piece automatically connects to another piece when it’s nearby. That tells you if they actually go together or not. For the middle, remember that there is a big moon behind Hook and Wendy. When you get to the moon pieces, look at the direction the curve of the moon is and put it in the approximate place where it goes. It should automatically connect to others around there. It helps to look at the picture before you do this one, because beyond the moon, it’s mostly blue, and just keep in mind where the hand, star and Tinkerbell are.

If you use these tips, and play this game every day, that’s 3000 np that you wouldn’t have otherwise, so get clicking! – k8wudy

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