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According to Barbie’s To Do List, Barbie thinks her power yoga teacher is: sooo cute
According to Barbie’s To Do List, she is meeting Chelsea in the East Village for: Coffee
According to Chelsea’s To Do List, she is meeting Madison in the East Village for: Yoga
According to the To Do List on her phone, what does Barbie need to shop for: CD’s

Barbie and her buds cured their early-winter blues by: Getting makeovers
Barbie went to a super fun fundraiser for charity. What was the them of the event? Beach party

Chelsea met a guy in her yoga class, and he invited her to: a play

Chelsea tried and really enjoyed a Thanksgiving dish made with: grilled tofu

During the Thanksgiving weekend, Chelsea caught the eye of a cutie while: Ice Skating

In Barbies Web Cam “lost or Found” Barbie loses her: cell phone
In Barbie’s Web Cam, “lost or found”, Barbie spots a total cutie while getting out of: A taxi cab
In Chelsea’s Web Cam, “Next Stop”, Barbie compliments Chelsea on her: Hot New Skirt
In Chelsea’s Web Cam, “next Stop”, Chelsea attracts the attention of: A guy in the band
In early December, Barbie ran into Robbie while: Getting a latte
In her purse, Madison keeps a poem she wrote about: Boyfriends
In her sketchbook, Chelsea drew an orange and white: Knit winter hat
In Madison’s Web Cam “Does She Buy It” Madison give Chelsea: A new yellow blouse
In Madison’s Web Cam, “Does She Buy It?” who do the girls run into at the night club? The girl from the boutique
In the Shop Gallery, Chelea’s fave accessories include: Belt and earrings
In the Shop Gallery, Chelsea wears a leather style skirt with a: Floral top
In the Shop Gallery, Madison’s urban-chic look includes what type of jacket? Denim style
In the Shop Gallery, what kind of trendy skirt is Barbie sporting? Leather Style Wrap

Madison met this adorable guy at a pizza place and -oops- accidentally: knocked a soda his lap
Madison totally loves her chunk ring because: It goes with everything

On her phone, Barbie received a text message from Chelsea talking about: Her latest hat design
On Thanksgiving, Barbie and the girls stayed up really late watching: A movie marathon of fave hunkster stars

What cool color is Barbie’s cell phone? Cherry Red
What cool gift did Madison make for Chelsea? Sushi platter and matching soy sauce bowl
What did Chelsea get in the mail in early December? A postcard from Enrique
What fab color of nail polish does Madison have in her purse? Apricot Kiss
What funky footwear does Madison wear in the Shop Gallery? Platform shoes
What holiday gift did Chelsea make for Madison? beaded choker and earrings
What kind of earrings did Chelsea pick up while doing some “street shopping”? Ostrich feather hoop earings
What kind of fun class did Madison start taking in December: Pottery
What kind of top did Chelsea sketch in her notebook? Blue chiffon top
What old clothing did Madison donate to homeless shelters? Winter Coats
Which of these hip fashions is featured in Chelsea’s sketchbook? Brown leather bag with gold links
Which of these items in not in Madison’s purse? Packet of sweetener
Which person did not send a text message to Barbie’s high-tech phone? Her yoga instructor
Who is Barbie’s hottie friend in her fave band? Robbie

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