Tips to Making Several Million Neopoints in a Few Months by sailor_serena29

First of all, you must make a good investment of 5,000 to 10,000 np. You can do this by playing games, wheel of fortune, or scratch cards. Now, after getting this money, put it in the bank to collect interest for up to one week. Take 5000 np out of the bank. Go to the book shop and wait until it restocks. (First, check the news every day. This is to see if there are any new books out. I always check it every time I log on in case it’s a pet’s day or something. They usually come out with 3-5 new books for that pet.)

Now, when you see a book, only click on it if it is a new book, or do some research to see if it is a new or rare book. There are some good books out there that stay at a very high price if it’s rarity is 94 or above.

When you click on it, say, the owner wants 769 for a new book. Immediately click on it and press enter to get you to haggle. (Or use your mouse. I use the mouse.)

So, like I was saying, if they want 769 for the book, type in 777 np because that you can click fast, so you might get the book faster. But you must click on the book very fast for you to get it. Sometimes I can get better books at nighttime because Neopets is in California, which is the state it comes from.

So, when you get like say, 5 or 10 rare books, look them up on the shop wizard before pricing them. You don’t want to overprice or under price them, because they will not sell very well and you might not make a hefty profit.

Anyways, look each book up on the shop wizard. Be sure to press refresh (F5) a couple of times to get a reasonable price for each book. They can range from 1500 np to 6 million np! mine are usually ranged from 30000 np a book, and I usually have at least 10 books in my shop at that price at the end of the day, but hey: I’ve been doing this for a while

Price them at a few hundred np below the lowest price. Wait a couple of days, then check your shop till. You’ll be surprised to see that if you do this all month long (or whenever you can get on), you can make a huge sum of neopoints very quickly. I did this and got into the habit of it in a few days. I started out with 10,000 np, and that gradually became 100,000 np, then 300,000, then 900,000, then 1.5 million, then today, which I have over 3 million neopoints. (Business has been slow these past few weeks due to the war. The prices of books have gone down, so I have to make do.)

Hope this helps as many people as possible! And remember, don’t fall for scams! If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is – sailor_serena29

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3 replies on “Tips to Making Several Million Neopoints in a Few Months by sailor_serena29”

Thanks for the tips!

Also, if you’re not quite up to buying and selling really expensive books yet, get your butt over to the faerie book shop! Not only is most stuff there cheaper than the Shop Whiz, but you don’t need to wait for it to re-stock because people don’t buy things there that often, which gives you plenty of time to haggle a few hundered neopoints off the original price.

I’ve found ‘The Green Book’ is a good title to look out for, it’s almost always in stock, and you can buy it for a few hundered less than on the Shop Whiz, plus it sells fast once you put it in your shop.

Be crafty at the auction. If you find items with an increment of at least 500, bid enough on it that you are making a profit if you resell it, but if anyone else bids they will have to pay over market value. This is a good way to ensure you win rare items and typically works better once you already have a few hundred thousand Neopoints and can bid on high-value items with increments of 10000 or more.

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