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Jesse McCartney – Album Solutions

For two years, Jesse was part a daytime drama TV show. Which one? All My Children

How many band members made up the group Dreamstreet? 5
How many songs has Jesse released as a duet with another artist? 1

Jesse has the same number of brothers and sisters in real life as he does on TV. How many? 1 brother, 1 sister

Three song titles on Jesse’s album have the same punctuation mark. Which one? Question Mark

What exotic food did Jesse like as a toddler? Smoked Oysters
What is Jesse’s favorite season? Summer
What is Jesse’s favorite sport? Baseball
What is Jesse’s favorite winter sport? Downhill Skiing
What is the name of the character that Jesse plays on the hit TV show, Summerland? Bradin

What is the title of Jesse’s newest Single? Beautiful Soul
What network is Summerland on? WB
What rock icon did Jesse perform with onstage at Madison Square Garden in 1998? Roger Daltry
What state was Jesse born in? New York
What was the first CD Jesse ever bought? Seal
When is Jesse’s new CD available? September 28th
Which description below has been used to describe Jesse’s singing style? Blue-eyed Soul
Which former cast member of Full House co-stars with Jesse in Summerland? Lori Loughlin

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