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Food Tips

Food Tips

1) Instead of waiting for food at the food store, click on the Art Gallery. There’s a coffee shop in there, and coffee feeds your pet a little bit more than a regular food item would have. Although it’s a bit more expensive (rounding 60 Np-500 Np), its worth your while.

2) Why even feed your pet when there’s an even more efficiant way to feed? The Neolodge will house you pet for about and month for just 140 np! Simply go to the Neolodge, book you pet into Cockroach Towers for 28 days and you’re done for a month! – shoyruhotte

Free food is a good thing – Ways to get it

1) Why buy food when you can easily get it for free? If you go to the omelette everyday, you’re bound to get enough food, considering that the omelettes can be eaten three times. (If you get REALLY rare omelettes, though, you might want to sell them instead.)
2) Often, the water faerie will also fill your pet up when she heals it. So just keep going every half hour till your pets are full ;). (And you’ll probably collect some potions along the way!)
3) If you have under 2,000 np overall (in your hand, shop till and bank combined), you can get free food from the soup faerie. – Midnights Keepers

More Food Tips

If your pets are all dying, get some omelettes. For the first omelette, feed one bite to each neopet. Then start from the second neopet and go in order. Repeat the second step until you run out of omelette. This makes it faster to distribute the food rather evenly among the pets.

There are some foods that are sold for less than 5 NP listed in the Shop Wizard. In fact, there are many to be found for only 1 NP! While these super-cheap foods are not Gourmet Club material or even standard fare, they are perfect for the very frugal Neopian. These foods must be bought in variety, since all pets have different limits of what they will not eat. If one pet will not eat a certain item, feed it to another pet. For very unpicky pets, go for the Gross Foods such as Cup-O-Slime, Toe Nail Soup, Pasta and Eyes, Ant Eaten Ham, Chewing Dung, etc. Then use the key words “burnt”, “scorched”, “ruined”, “damaged”, “Cracked Mummified Pepper”, “Squashed Tchea Fruit”, “Rotten Puntec Fruit” and “Spoiled Sphinx Links”. For all the above, keep searching until you find entries for 1 or 2 NP.

Lastly, do not underestimate the edible booby prizes such as Musho Mushy Peas, Box of Trifle Mix, Half-Eaten Berry, Can of Prune Juice, Semolina, Dandelion and Burdock Drink, Brown Sauce, Faerie Cake, etc. Booby prize foods are great for the more picky eaters who refuse to eat Gross Food or the damaged Desert Food. – ice_amazoness

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