New to Neopets

How to Become a Neopets Expert in 10 Minutes by Abukoster


Everyone knows there aren’t any secrets to making neopoints. Apart from that, most guides can probably guarantee you as well as I can on how to make them. Most tell you to play game A or game B, and then you have to check out the Pink Poogle Toy Games section to find out how to play game A or game B. Apart from games, there are a LOT more methods to making neopoints, and all will be mentioned below. Some are tedious, some require gambling and some just take too long – All in all, you’ll still make neopoints fastest with this guide!

New to Neopets

Quick Neopets Pointers by glittersnowqueen

NUMBER ONE RULE!!! Be careful!!! There is no way to cheat, there are no Neopoint simulators, no one who asks for your password and name are going to leave empty handed. There is no possible way to cheat!!! You have to work hard and earn your points. Now that we have that out of the way…

1. First thing’s first…make a lot of neofriends and join rich guilds! People warm up to you quickly in guilds and it is possible to make friends in high places…if you know what I mean!

2. Take your time. Don’t feel that you HAVE to make 100,000 in 10 days, or 1,000,000 in a year. It is better not to rush and be careful and have fun with it. There is no NEED for neopoints at the very second. You can go slow and pace yourself. It will be a great accomplishment in the end!

New to Neopets

A Guide for Newbies by mosada3

Edited by Kristy West

When you first start, don’t start playing until the next day because you can’t do much.

1. Go to the soup faerie to feed your pet.
2. Go to the boards if you need advice and go to the newbies section.
3. On the boards DO NOT BEG or you will be unpopular.
4. Go to the games section and play destruct-o-match II.
5. Send your score and you will have a bit of np.
6. Play it 3 times and send your score 3 times.
7. You should have at least 900 np.
8. Next pick another game to play to make more money.
9. Go to the boards again but go to shop ads.

New to Neopets

Choosing a Neopet by Doreen Ho

OK, you’re someone who hasn’t even activated your account yet. What do you do? That’s right, no – not your newbie pack. Don’t claim your newbie pack! You can read a section in Pink Poogle Toy that tells you why you shouldn’t collect your newbie pack. I’m here to tell, or you might say bore – you with Neopets. Okay, firstly, you are definitely confused at the amount of Neopets that the Neopets Game provides, and so don’t know what to choose?

Firstly, ask yourself – what character do you have? If you’re mean grizzly people, then why not a Jetsam, Grarrl, Skeith, or some other tough looking pets? If your those smiling types, how about the rest? Another one – what do you want? Intelligence? Choose a Lenny. Usefulness? How about a Grarrl? They can chew up all those junk stuff you don’t want, and feed itself too! One thing – If you think you cant afford a pet, then don’t get more than one. Next thing I want to lecture you about. If the first pet you get is a Lenny, then don’t let a Krawk take its place. Never choose rarity over love!

New to Neopets

Freebies and More For the Beginner by hdjsusmnd

The Advent Calendar is located in Happy Valley. If you go to the Advent Calendar at any time of the year other than the Month of Celebrating, a crying, Christmas Ashia will tell you that it is only open in the Month of Celebrating. But when it is the Month of Celebrating, a clip is played each day and shows you what some neopets, faeries etc. do at that time of the year.

By clicking on the ‘Collect Your Prize’ button, you can get freebies that vary from Plastic Firs and Snowager Sculptures to Small Metal Shields and Feepits and you’ll also get free neopoints. But you can only get some freebies once a day and only in the snowing Month of Celebrating, that means you can get free items at the cold Happy Valley thirty-one times a year. But the Month of Celebrating isn’t all smiles, laughter and happiness for Neopains, neopets, faeries, petpets and petpetpets in neopia. That evil Pant Devil has come thanks to the Advent Calendar.