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An Average Logon to Neopets by somethings_burning

Ok, for starters, I know everyone who reads this article will think, “Omigod, another How To Get Rich Guide…”

But if you bear with me, my guide will fill in all the tips and tricks that the others leave out, Ill be more updated with the changes of and plus, I’ll be more precise! ^_^

– Well, firstly, I usually like to turn my computer on… I mean, after all, it helps to do well in Neopets! =)

– When Neopets is loaded up, I rush to the Wheel of Excitement to give it a whirl ( and the Wheel of Mediocrity as well ( and after spinning these two wonderful wheels, dont stress out if you’ve lost health etc because of a bad spin, just go to the Healing Springs ( to make up for any losses.

Neopoints Guides

Tips to Earn Extra Neopoints by hockeylover260592

So, you’re just starting out on Neopets, or you’re an old-timer and looking for a way to earn some extra neopoints. Here are some simple things that you can do that will help you on your way to ultimate riches. Good luck!!

Tip 1

Save, save, save!! Always put your money into your bank account, and remember to collect your interest every day. Currently, I can collect 86 NP per day of interest. Over a 30 day month that’s 2,580 NP at least! Times that by 12 calendar months, and that’s 30,960 NP. Every bit helps!

Tip 2

Give your neopets a comfortable life, but not extravagant ones! There’s no need to buy that 500 NP toy for them, when a 100 NP key chain will do just fine. They get the same reaction from it, so why wouldn’t you just save the 400 NP? Also, with food, the daily omelette, daily jelly and soup kitchen (only if you’re really poor) do a great job. These are all free, and you get food for your neopet without spending any loot.

Neopoints Guides

The Nifty Neopoints Guide by Cho Chang

1. Play! Some people attempt to play hard games like Deckball when they want to get rich. Easy games are a good source if played enough times! Games like Chemistry for Beginners, Are You Toon Enough?, and Frumball are some of the best!

2. Risk it! Start to do free things and go to these places one or more times a day: Coltzan’s Shine, Guess the Weight of the Marrow, The Neopian Fruit Machine, Snowager, Tiki Tack Tombola, and Turmaculus if you have a petpet! These things are great sources also!

3. Cheap! A lot of people go out and by paintbrushes and other expensive things when they get to have around 50,000 NPs. Don’t! Feed your pets free and re-useable food like from Jelly World ( and omelette from Tyrannia. If you want to be rich, a lot of time where you don’t buy anything is going to be needed!

Neopoints Guides

How to Earn Neopoints Through Games and Dailies by pep_o_mintcandy

Do neopoints just float in your dreams? Do you want to win more? Not very good at games? Is selling stuff just not cutting it anymore? Then why not a guide for more neopoint. Now that’s a great idea. I will not tell you how to play each game, preferably because my article would waste space considering the game guides all have pretty clear directions, but if you need help clarifying the directions, neomail pep_o_mintcandy.

Action and Puzzles

Neopoints Guides

How to Make 1 Million Neopoints in 10 Days by bebemycat

1. Play Pteri Attack. This game is simple. Stay in the middle of the screen and collect the blue
circles. Once your score gets up to 1000, take your score. Do this 3 times, and you will have 3000
np in your pocket.


2. Play Poogle Solitaire. This game is so simple. The first number is the poogle you will click on,
when he turns yellow, click on the box marked with the second number.

EX. the number is 29-17. Click on the poogle in box 29, and when he is yellow, click him over to
the blank box of 17. **COSTS 15 np to play!