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How to Get Frozen Fast

  1. Spam the boards threatening people for valuable items.
  2. Curse at TNT.
  3. Use excessive chatspeak.
  4. Post scam sites/start a chain letter.
  5. Call sensible people n00bs.
  6. Make people pay for graphics.
  7. Write in a really light font.
  8. Talk about Marapets and other competitors like they are the best.
  9. Steal Adam’s asparagus.
  10. Make a guild entitled: Neopets, a world of nerds, geeks, and neighbourhood mess-ups.
  11. Make all the servers crash.
  12. Beg for pets.
  13. Harass people if there is one pixel out of line in an overwhelmingly intricate custom userlookup.
  14. Post profanity sites and say they are help sites.
  15. Randomly post ‘REPORTED!!’ on every board topic.
  16. Continue to ask ‘why’ after you know the answer.
  17. Scream on the boards how dumb Neopets is.
Account Guides

Top 10 Things Not to Post on the Boards by foxwolf25

We all hate spam and chatspeak, but some people just don’t know any better. That’s what this guide is for: The top 10 things NOT to post on the boards [Note: all text between SQUARE brackets are my commentaries]:

10) The 5 words of DOOM:
U, PLZ, OMG!, PWN, and who can forget, WAT?

9) “I Know” topics are possibly the most annoying kinds of posts, here are some unforgettable ones:

8) Mean boards are EVEN worse then I know boards, here are a select few I got off of the boards a few days ago (some are also reporter boards):

Account Guides

Practical Defense Against Cookie Grabbers by Dor

Among all the scamming tricks, cookie grabbers are one of the most “effective” way to get people’s password illegally. And most of the time the victims don’t realize what happened until they lose their accounts. This article will help you to identify and defend yourself against the cookie grabbers.

I think I shall start with explaining what cookies in the computer world are. Cookies are text files that are stored in your computer by some websites. They help the website to recognize who you are, so you dont need to enter your login info and set your customizations every time you log on the internet. For example, if you choose remember my password in the PinkPT forums, several cookies will be produced and stored in your computer, containing your member id, password and miscellaneous information. You may worry that your family members can check your cookies to see your password, but basically it is impossible to read the cookies without a decoder as most of the codes are encrypted into strings meaningless to humans.

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Management of Accounts by princess_night52

Frozen Accounts

My account is frozen. How do I get it back?

You have to have proof first that you are innocent, or else, neopets will not get your account back. Then, send the proof, and whatever you want to say to

The Hackers/Scammers Accounts

Somebody neomailed me telling me to give him/her my password!

Well dont do it! I hope you havent deleted your neomail though, as that is the only proof that the neopets team can have to deal with that lame person! Send the proof and your complaint to

Actually, if the person BY ANY MEANS tries to get your password or any item from you, (ex. babysitting, asking for your password, neopoint generators, fake login pages, contests) then report the person to

Account Guides

Trophies by youngking

All flash games have their own individual and unique trophy that is given out at Midnight (12:00 NST I believe) and this occurs daily, and for regular non-flash games, it depends. For Cheat! and Go! Go! Go!, you need to defeat the challengers, and Cheat!’s pretty easy to get, just keep trying. For other games such as Caption Contest and Story Telling, you need to think up something witty and unique that the Neopets team will choose (for the Story Telling), and you will get a trophy for getting your segment of their story accepted. For the Caption Contest, I guess it’s all based on popularity and wit. If your caption is really funny, it’s most probable that you will get a trophy, but of course Neopets makes it random so each time you do visit that part of the site, a new caption appears.