Up Close and Personal With Donna Williams by Alex

Some of you may be aware of the fact that the two creators of Neopets, Adam and Donna, occasionally visit the Pink Poogle Toy forums. I, Alex, was lucky enough to score an interview with one of the co-creators, Donna. Read on to find about office pranks, the real origins of Neopets, and memorable encounters with fans and more!

What is it like to work for such a huge site?

Heh, well, it’s certainly a lot different than when we started. There is a lot more formality getting things done but on a whole it’s good.

What are your current responsibilities on Neopets?


Up Close and Personal With Adam Powell by Shoyru_Lover

He battled ferocious storms, he braved chilling odds and he ran the whole 9 yards to bring you what we know as Neopets today. But do you really know who Adam really is? In a Pink Poogle Toy exclusive, we chased after Adam, we badgered him with relentless phone calls and we dogged his every move, until he finally gave in and gave us this up-close-and-personal interview, where we dig until there is nothing left to dig for, and we uncover astounding secrets about Adam. But if you think that’s all, just wait until you see what Adam revealed about the Neopets crew and the game history! For instance, did you know that we could have been playing Varmints? Read on and find out more wicked facts!


Up Close and Personal With Mr. Insane by Maxximus

He’s a clear loon with a quirky sense of humour. Meet Mr. Insane, an… insane (duh!) staff member at Neopets. The programmer of popular games such as NeoQuest and NeoQuest II, Mr. Insane swears that he’s from outer space and is only living on Earth so he can implement his plan of galactic domination. Who is he really? Nobody knows, but what we do know is that he wants to create a Harry Dean Stanton neopet. To find out more, read on and discover some wickedly insane facts about Mr. Insane.

Sloth or Dark Faerie?

Sloth Clone.

Darigan or Meridell?

I’m a Kass Uni.

Number 6 or Poptart?


Donna Williams Twin Skies Interview by Dave Moyer

With Donna Williams and Adam Powell no longer working at Neopets, we caught up with Donna to catch up on what she has been up to. Turns out she and Adam are working on a new MMORPG called Twin Skies (now on hiatus while they release Vikings, Pirates, Ninjas).

Keep reading to find out what Donna thinks about present day Neopets and find out more about her current projects.

What was the inspiration behind Twin Skies?

Adam and I were talking about what races would be cool to play, we threw around some initial ideas for settings and backgrounds and it came from there. There wasn’t a big moment of realization or anything like that. We just got more and more excited about it as time went on so we decided to develop it further. There are some REALLY cool races planned by the way!