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Buying and Caring For a Petpet by Daxterdaxter337_2004

Hi, did you want something? Ohh,.yes, I remember, I was going to tell you all about buying and caring for a petpet.

No matter how complicating it seems, it really isn’t that difficult. First of all, choose a petpet that suits you. Since you probably don’t have any neopoints, (do not be embarrassed, hardly any pets have any money, I know I don’t), think of a way to get your owners attention, and let him/her know you want THAT petpet.
Some owners are unusually rotten and say, “NO!, you can not have that painted petpet, it is waaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive.” All petpets out there, if you want to be chosen, you had better look extra cute for that certain pet that is looking at you.

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