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The Prowlers: Part III by Porygonix

The ship pulling into bay woke Lethal. It was early, and fog covered the desert. It was surprisingly warm outside. Lethal woke Hatchet with a push of the paw. The two got the gang together.
‘Soak a rag in gasoline, then throw this…’ Hatchet held up a Fire Mote.
Antsy quickly followed orders and got the rag ready with a can of gas in Hatchet’s closet. The plan was in play. Antsy crept behind the buildings. The Lupes waited for hours upon hours, but Antsy never came back.
‘FIRE!!!!!!’ a yell ran throughout the town. All the wolves turn to the ship and sure enough the crew and driver lambered off the ship.

Game Guides

Fashion Fever Guide by rackeldq

One of the Easiest games on Neopets, it is fast, gives you lots of neopoints, and is fun! I am sorry to say that there are no cheats in this game, but I am tremendously happy to say that it doesn’t matter because you will always, and I mean always, get the same amount of neopoints.

Whenever I go onto Neopets the first game I play is Fashion Fever, its extremely easy as you don’t even have to do anything and it still gives you 300 neopoints for each score you send.

Follow this guide step by step and every day you will get a nice little bonus of 900 neopoints.

Game Guides

Bilge Dice Guide by kaboom42963

General Tips:

1. Read the directions before playing.
2. You are only allowed to earn 5,000 NP per day, but if your last hand wins more, you still get credit. So, try to win as close to 4,990 NP as you can, then on the last hand, bet the maximum.
3. Your winnings consist of all the antes, so the actual amount you win is 3 times the amount you bet.
4. The most consecutive wins I ever had was 8, and usually they don’t go over 4 or 5. So, if you have won 3 or 4 hands in a row and don’t feel lucky, just bet 10 NP.

Game Guides

Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway Guide by Hyper_Sushi21

Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway is a pretty easy game. You play Bruno, Sophie’s brother from the Tale Of Woe plot, and you have to get all the potions without getting hit by the villagers or the rocks they throw.

There isn’t anything random in this game like the others, the potions are all in the same places, the villagers are in the same places and the layout (map) is the same every time you play (it does change from level to level though). If you memorize where everything is, you can get the total 3000nps from it in about ten minutes.

At the start of the game, there are two villagers, the Ixi and the Wocky (the tall yellow thing and the shorter orange thing with clothes on) who stay on the ledge that they are on, they can’t jump off (although the rocks they throw can) however, in level 3 a new villager is introduced, a Kacheek (It’s short, green and jumps) comes who can jump and in level 5, there are 2 villagers who can move around, the green Kacheek and a blue Techo.

Game Guides

Go! Go! Go! Guide by Snowballwarlord

This is a very interesting game, in which the goal is to play a card higher than the last until u run out of cards.

Hint #1 At the beginning of the game never play high cards such as aces or cards such as twos, save these until the draw pile is gone.

Hint #2 if you have a two and a ten, try to keep the game moving and the cards low, until at about 15 cards you can play your ten and eliminate lots of cards.

Hint #3 Against a computer opponent, attempt to get the number of cards down as far as possible. This will allow you to play catch-up if you ever have to pick up a pile. You are better than AI (or should be, just quit playing if you aren’t).