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My Scene Trivia Solutions


According to Barbie’s To Do List, Barbie thinks her power yoga teacher is: sooo cute
According to Barbie’s To Do List, she is meeting Chelsea in the East Village for: Coffee
According to Chelsea’s To Do List, she is meeting Madison in the East Village for: Yoga
According to the To Do List on her phone, what does Barbie need to shop for: CD’s

Barbie and her buds cured their early-winter blues by: Getting makeovers
Barbie went to a super fun fundraiser for charity. What was the them of the event? Beach party

Chelsea met a guy in her yoga class, and he invited her to: a play

Game Cheats

Fly Catcher Cheats

Extra Life

Typing the phrase deliciousflies at any point during the game, will give you an extra life. – knd1994123

Game Tips

Neverland Jigsaw Puzzle Tips

Mini guide

1) If you are a newbie to this game, or you do not do jigsaw puzzles much, start out on the easy level, just to get used to where things are. However, as soon as you get good at it, go to the hard level. The most I ever got on easy was around 300 points. There is an upper limit of 1000 points on hard, and I go over that every time I play.

2) For hard level 1, the pieces are set up really well. The puzzle is a rectangle, with 5 columns of 3 pieces each. Going from right to left, each of the columns are right where they should be, just the rows are wrong, and all you have to do is fix them. Almost no moving around of any piece you don’t want to place is needed.

Game Guides

The Prowlers: Part III by Porygonix

The ship pulling into bay woke Lethal. It was early, and fog covered the desert. It was surprisingly warm outside. Lethal woke Hatchet with a push of the paw. The two got the gang together.
‘Soak a rag in gasoline, then throw this…’ Hatchet held up a Fire Mote.
Antsy quickly followed orders and got the rag ready with a can of gas in Hatchet’s closet. The plan was in play. Antsy crept behind the buildings. The Lupes waited for hours upon hours, but Antsy never came back.
‘FIRE!!!!!!’ a yell ran throughout the town. All the wolves turn to the ship and sure enough the crew and driver lambered off the ship.


Tips to Making Several Million Neopoints in a Few Months by sailor_serena29

First of all, you must make a good investment of 5,000 to 10,000 np. You can do this by playing games, wheel of fortune, or scratch cards. Now, after getting this money, put it in the bank to collect interest for up to one week. Take 5000 np out of the bank. Go to the book shop and wait until it restocks. (First, check the news every day. This is to see if there are any new books out. I always check it every time I log on in case it’s a pet’s day or something. They usually come out with 3-5 new books for that pet.)