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According to Barbie’s To Do List, Barbie thinks her power yoga teacher is: sooo cute
According to Barbie’s To Do List, she is meeting Chelsea in the East Village for: Coffee
According to Chelsea’s To Do List, she is meeting Madison in the East Village for: Yoga
According to the To Do List on her phone, what does Barbie need to shop for: CD’s

Barbie and her buds cured their early-winter blues by: Getting makeovers
Barbie went to a super fun fundraiser for charity. What was the them of the event? Beach party

Chelsea met a guy in her yoga class, and he invited her to: a play

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Cocoa Puffs Solutions

Group 1 Solutions

How Sonny feels when he eats Cocoa Puffs – SATISFIED
Cocoa Puffs has a great _____ flavor – CHOCOLATE
‘Right ____ rain.’ – AS
Cereal ___, in Neopia Central – ADVENTURE
Frosted ___ Puffs – CORN
Cocoa Puffs is a ____ come true – DREAM
Cocoa Puffs is usually eaten in a ____ – BOWL
General ____ – MILLS
___ Corn Puffs – FROSTED
Neopets ____ com – DOT
To float – HOVER
You ____ go cuckoo, too! – CAN
What you breathe – AIR
_____ helps your bones grow strong – CALCIUM
Fluffy Petpet with large mane – NOIL
A type of gem – RUBY
Pour this on your Cocoa Puffs – MILK

Group 2 Solutions

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Lizzie McGuire Solutions

Lizzie McGuireThanks to Comradebuh, Mayanais, Mermaid Hill, GromittZ, leeloodallas22, fordperfect, faerie_22fantasy, Cinzia, sunisfun1 and hannahope2001!

Q: In one episode Lizzie switches bodies with what other character?
A: Her brother Matt

Q: In the episode ‘Lizzie in the Middle’, Lizzie becomes friends with what star?
A: Frankie Muniz

Q: Italy is said to be shaped like what article of clothing?
A: A boot

Q: Lizzie and Kate both think the cutest guy in school is:
A: Ethan

Q: Lizzie’s annoying little brother’s name is:
A: Matt

Q: Lizzie’s parents’ names are:
A: Jo and Sam

Q: Matt’s friend Lanny doesn’t call Lizzie by name because:
A: He never talks

Q: On Lizzie’s Rock ‘N Roll Christmas Float, what rock star played Santa?

Game Solutions

Cliffhanger Solutions Letters in First Word Sorted

A big thanks to Ali for providing us with this list!

A miss is as good as a mister
A chia who is a mocker dances without a tamborine
A chia who is a mocker dances without a tambourine
A buzz will never sting you
A kyrii will get very upset if its hair gets messed up
A journey of a million miles begins on the marketplace map
A scorchio is a good storyteller if it can make a Skeith listen
A neopoint saved is a neopoint not enough
A tuskaninny named colin lives on terror mountain

If a pteri and lenny were to race neither would win
If at first you do not succeed play the ice caves puzzle again

Game Solutions

Faerie Cave Solutions

A big and warm thank you to Sabrina for all her contribution for the solutions! More of Sabrina’s work can also be seen on the Mutant Graveyards Walkthrough on PPT!


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