Neopets: The Darkest Faerie PS1

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Everyone knew this was going to happen, and it did! Coming to the Play Station console comes an RPG styled Neopets game from The Code Monkeys, Ltd. The unveiling of the information came as a sudden wave, taking many by surprise, and to think that Neopets was able to keep the entire production under wraps? They ought to be commended! A sampling of the game should be available to the public at the Electronic Entertainment Expo for 2003. The following information was taken from

Title – NEOPETS The Darkest Faerie
Publisher – SCEA
Developer – The Code Monkeys, Ltd.

Release – 11/03
Genre – Action/Adventure
Rating – RP
Online – No
All release dates subject to change.


Extend the adventure to the PlayStation game console.

With more than 50 million registrations in the past three years, is the fastest growing youth community in the world. The NeoPets website creates a growing vortex of activity rewards that brings players back day after day.

NEOPETS The Darkest Faerie is an action/adventure game for the PS one console that extends the online entertainment of and provides a fully interactive offline experience.

In NEOPETS The Darkest Faerie, players enter the land of Neopia and journey with Neopian characters on an adventure to rescue Neopia from the clutches of the evil Darkest Faerie. Together they will travel through new lands, meet strange inhabitants and discover a mystery unseen by Neopian eyes. Complete quests, defend yourself against evil creatures under the influence of the Darkest Faerie, participate in numerous mini-games, earn NeoPoints, Common and Rare Neopian Items. In addition, the PS one adventure ties in key game play elements to the Neopets website and vice-versa, allowing Neopets fans to transfer Items between the game and the popular website.


A fun-filled adventure featuring Neopets from the popular website
Discover colorful worlds, unlock new quests, play fun mini-games and earn up to 450 valuable Items.
Play as Grimilix the Grundo, Tormund the Lupe or Sally the Aisha whose stories intertwine into one big adventure.
Equip your characters with swords, wands, gadgets and armor to defend against the powers of the Darkest Faerie.
12 different mini-games provide tons of game play variety and an opportunity to earn Rare Neopian Items or collect NeoPoints.
Light-hearted action/adventure game play that all levels of gamers will enjoy.
Neopets fans will have access to 100 new Neopets Items that can be collected and used both in the game and on the Neopets website. These Items can be transferred, via Neopets Rare Item Codes embedded into the video game, to a players online Neopets account.
NeoPets will offer special PlayStation Faerie Quests to its online members after the games release, which will allow players to replay parts of NEOPETS The Darkest Faerie to complete these quests, thus extending the players experience long after they have finished the original storyline.
Available for the PS one console and PlayStation game console, which are in 34 million North American households.

Kym Huynh


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