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“Moooom!” came a cry from the living room, almost making me drop the pan I was making dinner in. I set it back on the stove with a sigh, thankful I didn’t drop the boiling water. I went running into the living room.

“What? Is everything alright?” I asked a little worried.

“No!” Came the reply from FieryStreak_17, the little red Xweetok. “Soren walked over my paper and got dirt all over them. Now I can’t draw!” She said. I sighed, got her some new paper and went into Soren’s room.

“Soren.” I sighed as I walked in and turned on the light. The Bori was sitting at his small television set on a bean bag playing his video games. Then I saw his muddy feet. “Soren!” I cried, picking him up and carrying him out of the room and to the bathroom. “Were you digging in the yard again!?” I asked with a sigh.