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Ahem. One of the easiest games in the Action area of the Games Room is Hasee Bounce. Mainly, you have two Hasees, an Orange Hasee named Woogy and a Purple Hasee named Jimmi. They are on a seesaw, and you alternate jumping down on it to get Doughnutfruit for points. The Doughnutfruit are as follows:

  • Yellow: 1 point
  • Blue: 3 points
  • Green: 4 points
  • Silver: 5 points
  • Gold: 10 points
  • Sponge: 15 points
  • Flaming: 18 points
  • Ice: 20 points
  • Rainbow: 40 points
  • Fish: 50 points (wow)

The whole point, obviously, is to get as many points as possible. Since the game is 300 nps for every 100 pts, it is very easy to get a lot of neopoints. Although it is a timed game with the time bar at the top of the screen, you can lengthen your time by jumping down and “eating” the colored letters that come across the screen with the Doughnutfruit. The letters spell HASEE, but there is a catch. Woogy, the Orange Hasee, only eats orange letters, and Jimmi, the Purple Hasee, only eats purple letters. Each letter is two points, so you get points along with time. They give you two seconds to your time. When you spell HASEE with the five letters, you get a time bonus BUT NO EXTRA NEOPOINTS. If you spell HASEE with a mix of purple and orange letters, there is a 20 second bonus. If you spell HASEE with all of one color, like all purple letters, then you get a 40 SECOND BONUS added to your time. This helps a lot but is very difficult to do, so don’t try unless you have a lot of time to spare.

Coltzan’s Shrine

Click on the ‘Approach the Shrine’ button at these times to get the item/upgrade that you want.

  • Speed: Every fifth second of the hour.
  • Defense: Every tenth second of the hour.
  • Strength: Every thirty minutes of the hour.
  • Endurance: Every hour of the day.
  • Level: Every even (2:00, 4:00, 6:00) hour of the day.
  • Burnt Food: 11:00-12:00 NST.
  • Dubloons: Every 55 seconds past the minute.
  • 10 Strength Points: Every 30 minutes past the hour.


I love the auctions but it’s NOT a good habit, and if you are easily persuaded to buy things and LOVE competition, you would be a great person to bid at the auctions; but I suggest you don’t get into the habit because it’s bad. I once spent 60,000 neopoints at the auctions IN ONE DAY! (In fact, in only a little less than five hours.) If you do choose to bid at the auctions, you should carefully watch that no one bids on your item. If someone bids on your item at the last-minute (or second) there is nothing you can do.