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Many people on Neopets belong to a guild. Weather it’s being a member or actually running one with councils assistance. No matter what the genre of the guild the main goal is to bring people of similar likes together. Rather like building a online community.

While the notion of a guild and it’s members being good friends, almost like family. The truth sometimes is this isn’t the case. Every guild has it’s rules and where there are rules you can find rule breakers. Some may find this issue a silly one, when after all no one can change the way things are. But guilds can end up loosing members .. friends through people’s lies, deception and unpleasant behavior.

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Neopets Premium includes a dial-up service which is unlimited (if you sign up with Neopets Premium [Web Package With ISP].). The official Neopets Premium website claims their ISP service is:

– Fast and reliable
– Is up to 5x faster than normal dial-up
– Allows up to 5 accounts at Neopets
– Has junk mail, spam and virus filtering
– Has a pop-up blocker
– Gives 2,500 neopoints for signing up and 1,000 neopoints for every month you keep it.

Neopets Premium will provide you with a Portal Pack which allows you to customize to show:

– Neopets news
– Real life news