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Interesting Fact

One thing me and my friend have noticed during our obsession over pterattack was that the grarrl only comes up every time yoyou hear that “muahahahaha” on your speakers. It always comes 1 to 5 seconds after the “muahahahaha”. So every time you hear that evil laugh, move to the middle of the screen until you seee the grarrl and move AWAY from it.

Guns and Upgrades

If you are a beginner:

– don’t get every circle thing (gun upgrades) you see. Every time you get a different color circle, you start on the lowest level of that gun. always stick to one color of circle things.

Swarm is a very interesting game of shoot the bad bugs. The idea is to shoot the bug but not to get shoot yourself. you have 4 towers that will take a certain amount of shots and they disappear!!

In Swarm you control a tank equipped with a powerful laser gun. Evil bugs are invading, and it’s up to you to protect your base. Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move your tank, and the SPACE BAR to fire your weapon.

Some of the enemies will be different colors, if you shoot one of these enemies a power-up crystal will drop. Collect the crystal for one of seven special effects including a smaller and larger tank, and an extra shield.

Pteri Ptactics by Cyanna

Shoyru_Lover —  September 14, 2016 — Leave a comment

You know the weapons. You’ve seen the enemies. You’ve flown right up that giant Grarrl’s left nostril and lived to tell the tale.

But can you leave with 1000 NP in your pocket?

Deep in the heart of Tyrannia, thousands of Pteris make their fight up the canyon with evil Pterodactyls and Grarrls doing everything in their power to stop them. What is a poor green Pteri to do? Shoot them down of course.

Such is the basic idea behind Pterattack, a game that is simple enough to learn but difficult to master. Over time Ive discovered a fairly straightforward strategy that seems to work really well for me. Hopefully my tips can help improve your final score as well as your NP intake.

Neopets newly revamped Pterattack game (which shall henceforth be called Pterattack 2) is a lot more prettier than its predecessor. Not only are the graphics far superior (albeit a little busy at times – for example, the amount of villages underneath the Pter gets distracting at high speeds) but the game is considerably a lot more smoother both in its control.

The weapons

Ptershot: Standard laser which you being with. The upgrade is a blue bubble with three lines in it.

Pterboom: It’s a purple spinning powerup. Like the Tadow in the old game. It’s a boomerang that, rather than coming back, weaves across the screen.